Biography Edit


Children of Johnathan Snow and Polly Marcy Edit

  1. James H Snow (1820-1908) - married Sarah Jane Taft, 23-Mar-1847 at Caroline Center, NY - several children
  2. Johnathan W Snow (1822-1852) - married Fanny Head - children?
  3. Harriet Snow (1823-1850) - married Levi Van de Mark - 1 daughter - both died in childbirth
  4. Persis R Snow (1826-1875) - married O.D. Davis - children?
  5. Mary Snow (1828-1903) - married John J Peters, 15-May-1848 in Philadelphia, PA - 4 children
  6. Louisa Snow (1834-1912) - married Robert Doty, 7-Feb-1856 in Caroline, NY - 5 children
  7. Susan A Snow (1836-1896) - married John Jones - children?

References Edit

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