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Jon Olsen Åsen, born 18 Jan 1819 in Åsen under Kvernmo, Meråker, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway; died 1901 in Øksnes, Nordland, Norway. He was the son of 2. Ole Ingebrigtsen Åsen and 3. Ingeborg Eliasdatter Gudåmo. He married (1) Malene Birgitta Nilsdatter. She was born 1823, and died 1856 in Nevernes V/Gåsbøl, Nordland, Norway. He married (2) Ingeborg Anna Jacobsdatter 27 Dec 1857 in Øksnes, Nordland, Norway. She was born 16 Jul 1829 in Sortland, Nordland, Norway, and died 1867 in Øksnes, Nordland, Norway.

Witnesses at baptism:

Sigri Sjuernæs, Beret Fossen, Anne Monsdatter, Halvor Langnæs, Jostein Lillemoe, Henny Graftsaas



Descendants of Jon Olsen ÅsenEdit

1 Jon Olsen Åsen b: 18 Jan 1819 Åsen under Kvernmo, Meråker, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway d: 1901 Øksnes, Nordland, Norway .. +Malene Birgitta Nilsdatter b: 1823 d: 1856 Nevernes V/Gåsbøl, Nordland, Norway

. 2 Anna Kristine Olsen b: 1848 Melbu, Nordland, Norway d: 1934 ..... +Ole Thode Jentoft Bertiniusen b: 1845 d: 1913

..... 3 Kaspara Elise Thodesen b: 1880 Gåsbøl, Sortland, Nordland, Norway d: 1960 Bollvåg, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway ......... +Nils Marius Kristoffer Olsen b: 1878 Tilset, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway d: 1949 Bollvåg, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway

........ 4 Sander Olav Bollvåg b: 1913 Bollvåg, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway d: 2001 Alsvågheimen, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway ............ +Liv Sofie Johansen b: 1921 Bollvåg, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway d: 2004 Myre, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway

............ 5 Inger-Johanne Bollvåg b: Bollvåg, Øksnes, Nordland, Norway ................ +Erling Otto Hoel b: Høybråten, Aker, Norway

*2nd Wife of Jon Olsen Åsen: .. +Ingeborg Anna Jacobsdatter b: 16 Jul 1829 Sortland, Nordland, Norway d: 1867 Øksnes, Nordland, Norway

. 2 Johan Albert Jonsen Austring b: 14 May 1865 Øksnes, Nordland, Norway d: 8 Dec 1949 Swift Current, Saskatchewan

..... +Petra Maren Rheinholdtsen b: 21 Apr 1865 Øksnes, Nordland, Norway ..... 3 Julian Plathe Austring b: 23 Feb 1894 Øksnes, Nordland, Norway d: 19 Nov 1988 Haleiwa, Honolulu, Hawaii ......... +Agnes Julie Jorgenson b: 21 Mar 1903 Duluth, St. Louis, MN d: 26 Feb 1992 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA

........ 4 Robert Marion Austring b: 16 Jun 1925 Duluth, St. Louis, MN d: 25 May 1980 Tucson, Pima, AZ ............ +Bette Imogene Sutton b: Flager, Kit Carson, CO

............ 5 Diana Austring b: San Francisco, CA

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