Martin-Jonas 1821-1862

Jonas Amos Martin (1821-1862) aka Jonas Glusha Martin; Ship Carpenter; (b. July 19, 1821; North Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA - d. May 21, 1862; Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA)


"Jonas Amos Martin" is found in the 1850 census, and "Jonas Glusha Martin" is used in an online birth record.



July 19, 1821 in Baltimore, Windsor County, Vermont.


He may have been baptized on August 19, 1821 in North Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont.


He married Marion Betts (1829-1913) on September 20, 1846. Her father was Matthew H. Betts (1796-1853) a boat pilot that was lost at sea. Marion's obituary appeared in the Brooklyn Eagle.


Brooklyn, New YorkEdit

In 1850 the family was living in Brooklyn, New York. Jonas Amos Martin was working as a "ship carpenter". In the 1860 census they were indexed as "James Martin" and "Marian Martin" and he was still listed as a "ship carpenter".


When Richard B. Patterson I (1835-1908) became a citizen on October 16, 1860 his witness was Jonas Amos Martin. Richard was married to the niece of Marion Betts (1829-1913).


He died on May 21, 1862; Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. He also died a month before his mother died on June 26, 1862 in Vermont.

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