Jonas Carlsson Örbom
Orbom-JonasCarllson 01a
Sex: Male
Birth: November 12, 1859
Trållsåsen, Sweden
Death: 23 November 1950
Älvsby, Norrbotten, Sweden
Father: Karl Gustafsson Örbom (1826-1863)
Mother: Juliana Gudfastsdotter (1830-1910)
Siblings: Carl Gustaf Carlsson Örbom (1856-?)
Nils Carlsson Örbom (1958-?)
Olof Carlsson Örbom (1862-?)
Spouse/Partner: Christina Jonsdotter Tand (1856-1941)
Marriage: circa 1878
Children: Julia Kristina Carlsson (1879-1969)
Hilda Birgitta Carlsson (1886-?)
Carl Alfred Carlsson (1891-1945)
Orbom-Jonas 01a

Jonas Carlsson Örbom (1859-1951) circa 1910-1920

Orbom-Jonas 03a

Jonas Carlsson Örbom (1859-1951) circa 1949

Jonas Carlsson Örbom (1859-1950) aka Jonas Karlsson, Railroad Captain (Banmästare) (b. 12 November 1859, Trollsåsen, Näskott, Jämtland, Sweden - d. 23 November 1950, Jämtland, Sweden)


He dropped the Örbom family name, and was known as Jonas Karlsson.


Jonas was the third great-grandson of Anders Örbom I (1675-1740), Cavalry Captain (Ryttmästare) in the Swedish Army.






Jonas died 23 November 1950 in Älvsby, Norrbotten, Sweden and was buried in the Churchyard cemetery in Älvsby.


Jonas Carlsson Örbom (1859-1950) was the fourth cousin, three times removed, of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).

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