Jonas Leo Olsson (1885-1918) and Sigrid Katarina Sundin (1897-1986) circa 1917

Jonas Leo Olsson (1885-1918) and Sigrid Katarina Sundin (1897-1986) in 1917

Jonas Leo Olsson (1885-1918) died during the 1918 flu pandemic. (b. Christmas Day, December 25, 1885; Grundsunda församling, Västernorrland, Sweden - d. October 3, 1918 from 1918 flu pandemic; Sabbatsberg's hospital, Stockholm, Sweden)


Alfred Olofsson (1864) from Gideåbacka, Grundsunda parish, Västernorrlands län (Ångermanland). In the 1890 Sweden census he was noted as a worker and Kristina Leontina Jonsdotter (1865) in the same parish.


Dec 25 1885 in Gideåbacka (home address), Grundsunda församling/parish, Västernorrlands län/county, Ångermanland (province), Sweden.


Jonas Leo married Sigrid Katarina Sundin (1897-1986) in Ytterlännäs parish on June 24 1917. He was registered in Maria Magdalena parish, Stockholm, working as electrician. The family settled down in Katarina parish, Stockholm.


Jonas Leo died in Katarina parish on Oct 3 1918, cause of death was the Spanish flu. His brother in law, John August Sundin, born 1900, had died from the same 9 days earlier. His mother in law, Märta Margareta Lundgren (1870-1919), died 6 months later, on Apr 20, 1919, cause of death: cancer.


Jonas Leo´s widow Sigrid Katarina moved back to Ytterlännäs parish on Oct 24 1918.

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