Joost Duryea (1650-1727)
Joost Duryea
Sex: Male
Birth: 1650
Picardie, France
Death: 1727
Kings County, New York
Father: Simon Durie (bef1635-?)
Spouse/Partner: Magdalena Le Febre (c1654-?)
Marriage: circa 1672
Mannheim, Germany
Children: Magdelena Joosten Duryea (1672-bef1687)
Elizabeth Joosten Duryea (1674-?)
Joost Joosten Duryea (c1676-c1727)
Jacques Duryea (1679-?)
Abraham Joosten Duryea (1685-1764)
Jacob Joosten Duryea (1686-1758)
Magdalena Joosten Duryea (1687-?)
Charel Joosten Duryea (1690-1753)
Simon Joosten Duryea (1693-?)

Notable DescendantsEdit

Charles E. and J. Frank Duryea organized the Duryea Motor Wagon Company, the first American corporation founded specifically for the mass production of automobiles.


Joost immigrated to New York in 1675 aboard the Gilded Otter. By the birth of his son Abraham in 1685, Joost resided in Bushwick, Kings County, New York.

Connections in FranceEdit

Joost may be closely related to the Simon du Rieus who married Suzanne Guerre and Adrienne Roul, who had children in the 1670s in Mannheim. Also, there was a Charles Henry Durier, who was purportedly an ancestor of Joost who fled to Mannheim, although researcher Kevin Borland suspects that Charles Henry Durier was more likely a cousin than a direct ancestor.


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