Joris Rapalje (1604-1663)
Joris Rapalje
Sex: Male
Birth: 1604
Valenciennes, France
Death: 1663
Father: Jean Rapalje (bef1589-?)
Spouse/Partner: Catalyntje Trico (1605-1689)
Children: Sara Rapalje (1625-c1685)
Marritje Rapalje (1627-aft1645)
Jannetje Rapalje (1629-aft1642)
Judith Rapalje (1635-aft1653)
Jan Rapalje (1637-1663)
Jacob Rapalje (1639-?)
Catalyntje Rapalje (1641-aft1664)
Jeronimus Rapalje (1643-1690)
Annetje Rapalje (1646-aft1692)
Elizabeth Rapalje (1648-aft1666)
Daniel Rapalje (1650-aft1725)


Joris came to New Netherlands aboard the Unity in 1623.

Life in AlbanyEdit

From 1623 to 1626, Joris resided in Albany, New York, then called Fort Orange.

Marriage to Catalyntje TricoEdit

While in Albany, Joris married Catalyntje Trico (1605-1689).

Birth of Daughter SaraEdit

While in Albany, Joris and Catalyntje had their first child Sara Rapalje (1625-c1685). Sara has the distinction of having been the first European child to be born in New Netherlands.

Move to New AmsterdamEdit

Joris moved to New Amsterdam in 1626 and lived on what is now Pearl Street until 1654. On June 16, 1637, Joris purchased a farm from the Indians called Rennagaconck. The farm was located where the United States Marine Hospital now stands in Brooklyn, New York. On June 22, 1654, Joris sold his property on Pearl Street and removed to the farm in Brooklyn which he had renamed Wale Bocht.

Additional Children by Catalyntje in New AmsterdamEdit

The following is a list of all known children of Joris and Catalyntje:

Life in BrooklynEdit

Joris served as a magistrate in the years 1655, 1656, 1657, 1660, and 1662.

Famous DescendantsEdit

Joris is an ancestor of Humphrey Bogart and Governor Howard Dean.


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