Josefina Wilhelmina Svalstedt (1859-?) aka Josephine Wilhelmina Svalstedt (b. Christmas Eve, December 24, 1859, Kungs-Barkarö, Sweden - d. unknown, near New Sweden, Aroostook County, Maine, USA)



She was born on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1859, in Kungs-Barkarö, Sweden.


  • Gustava Mathilda Svalstedt (1851-?) who married Henric Samuel Högberg
  • Adolf Christian Svalstedt (1854-?)
  • Carl Otto Svalstedt (1864-?)
  • Axel Theodor Svalstedt (1857-?)
  • Gustaf Adolf Svalstedt (1867-?)


She arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on June 09, 1890 via Glasgow, Scotland from Sweden aboard the ship "Norwegian". She was listed as "Josef Svalstedt". Her final destination was listed as "Caribou, Maine" and she was listed as a domestic. Caribou is 9 miles southeast of New Sweden in Aroostook County, Maine.


She married Carl Gustaf Anderson (1857-?) on February 05, 1891 in New Sweden, Aroostook County, Maine. She was listed as "J. Svalstedt" and he was listed as "C. G. Anderson".


  • Carl David Anderson (1892-1972); aka David Anderson, Carl David Anderson may be the Carl Anderson who died in 1972 in South Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut. He is the Carl D. Anderson of Woodland, Maine who married Martha M. Nelson of New Sweden, Maine on October 30, 1920.
  • A. William Anderson (1894-?) aka William Anderson

Woodland, MaineEdit

In 1910 they were living in Woodland, Aroostook County, Maine. He was listed as "C. Gustaf Anderson" and she was listed as "Josephine W. Anderson". The children were listed as "A. Willie Anderson" and "Carl David Anderson". They were living on a farm. In 1920 they were still living in Woodland under the name "Carl G. Anderson" and "Josephine Anderson". The children were listed as "William Anderson" and "David Anderson"


Josefina Wilhelmina Svalstedt (1859-?) was the great grandaunt of Christina Sylejmani in Sweden.

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