Page County Iowa

Page County, Iowa

Joseph BURWELL, son of William Burwell (1812-1890) and Nancy MORRIS, was a farmer who lived in Page County, Iowa.

He was born in August 1834 in Crawford County, Ohio.

On 3 December 1856, he married Sarah Eby (1837-1915), daughter of Peter Eby and Rebecca GUISINGER.


  • W. Alonzo Burwell, born abt. 1858, Crawford County, Ohio
  • Ida R. Burwell, born 1860, Crawford County, Ohio
  • Elmer M. Burwell, born abt. 1863, Crawford County, Ohio
  • Emma Burwell (1865-1942)
  • Carrie E. Burwell, born abt. 1867, Page County, Iowa
  • Lewellen "Lewis" Wesley Burwell, born abt. 1869, Page County, Iowa
  • John O. Burwell, born abt. 1873, Page County, Iowa
  • Clarence A. Burwell, born abt. 1875, Page County, Iowa


Joseph died in 1923 in Taylor County, Iowa.

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