Joseph Doty administrator of the estate of David Doty vs Jesse Doty et al. is a case heard by the Butler County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas during the March Term 1839. The case is of genealogical interest because it lists the heirs of David Doty who are his brothers and sisters and the children of those brothers and sisters who are deceased. The list is as follows:

  • Hannah Austin married to Aaron Auston of Butler County.
  • Jessie Doty of Butler County
  • Jacob Doty of Indiana
  • William Doty of Indiana
  • Elizabeth wife of Moses Davis[on] of Illinois
  • Children of Samuel Doty deceased all minors of Hamilton County to wit:
    • John Doty
    • Elizabeth Doty
    • Hannah Doty
    • Mary Doty
    • Charlotte Doty
    • Margaret Doty
    • Levi Doty
    • James Doty
    • Jane Doty
  • John J. Doty of Indiana
  • Children of his sister Mary Davison
    • Jackson Davison
    • Mary Jane Davison
    • Samuel Davison
    • Isabel Davison
    • James Davison
    • Eliza Davison
  • Prudence married to John Moore of Indiana
  • Joseph Doty
  • Rachel married to Daniel McClatchey of Indiana
  • Daniel Doty of Warren County, Indiana
  • Stephen Doty of Oxford, Butler County
  • Elija Doty of Illinois

These are the children of Samuel Doty (1765-1829). This list suppliments the the list given in Executor of D. Doty deceased vs. Stephen Doty et al by showing changes which occurred in the five years since that case.

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