Joseph and Phebe married c1785 in what was then Berkeley Co VA, now Jefferson Co WV. His parents had moved to Reedson in Berkeley Co shortly after their own marriage in 1760. Joseph and Phebe soon removed to Washington Co Tn, where many of their children were born. By 1804 they moved again, this time settling in the "Glade" in Madison Co OH. Their youngest child is said to have been born in 1804 in Madison Co, though Anonymous 1883 suggests that the move to Ohio occurred somewhat later than this. Joseph died there in 1817, and Phebe died there a few years later, in 1821.

WV Jefferson Co
In 1804 Berkeley County was divided into two parts, the western part retaining the name "Berkeley County", while the eastern part was name "Jefferson County".


DOB: 24 Jan 1764
POB: Berkeley, Virginia,
DOD: 5 Nov 1817
POD: Madison, Ohio
Burial: Lower Glade Cemetery, Madison Co Ohio Location of Lower Glade Cemetery
Spouse: Phebe Van Vacter (1766-1821) History of Madison County, Ohio Anonymous, 1883 identifies Phebe as Joseph's wife. This work seems to be based on interviews with local family members, and seems to represent a reasonable oral tradition about the family history."Phebe Melvin" appears as HOH in the 1820 census, which seems to confirm the first name of Joseph Melvin's wife.
DOM: 18 Aug 1785
POM: Berkeley, Virginia
Father: John Melvin (1737-1804)
Mother: Elizabeth McCarty (1735-bef1804)



Benjamin MelvinJan 1786Berkeley, VA10 Aug 1823Madison, OHRuhamia CrabtreeAnonymous 1883
John Melvin13 Mar 1789Washington, TN15 Nov 1858London, Madison Co OHSarah EnzorAnonymous 1883
Silas Melvin1791Washington, TNSarahAnonymous 1883; Silas Melvin age 69, b. VA, is shown in the Clark Co Ohio census of 1850, married to Sarah, so it appears that he did not leave Ohio as some of his brothers and sisters did.
Elizabeth Melvin13 Dec 1793Washington, TN29 Mar 1857Whitley, IndianaVestal Blair Not mentioned by Anonymous 1883
Joseph V Melvin1797Washington, TN15 Apr 1871OHRoxia SavageAnonymous 1883
Sarah Melvin (1800-1839)17 Dec 1799Washington, TN13 Nov 1839 Wabash Township, Parke, IndianaJames T. Taylor (1794-1850)c1818Madison Co OHDOM based on DOB of eldest child. POM based on fact that her parents were living in Madison County just after the marriage. AKA "Sallie"
Thomas J. Melvin (1801-c1829)1801 TN 1833LA Cynthia A. Laverty (1810-1870) befNOV 1829 Anonymous 1883; A Thomas Melvin is living next door to James and Sarah in the 1850 census, and is plausibly her brother. Thomas J. and Cynthia is somewhat inconsistent. One source gives "Cynthia A. LAVERTY was born 01 FEB 1810 in OH, and died 17 MAR 1870. She married Joshua FISHER 0? NOV 1829. He died BEFORE 1850. Also, Thomas may have first married a Mry Ann Boyd
Jane H Melvin20 Mar 1804Madison, OH19 Dec 1870 James S Campbell 15 Aug 1824Madison, OHAnonymous 1883

Family HistoryEdit

The following is based on History of Madison County, Ohio Anonymous, 1883.

The Melvin family settled on the Glade in 1808 and 1809. It appears they were natives of Virginia, although they came to this county from Tennessee. The first family of this name to settle here was that of Thomas Melvin, who located here in the spring of 1808. He was born January 21. 1782. and died in the fall of 1808, having survived only a few months after locating here.

He was the eldest son of John Melvin. Sr. who married Jane Barnes, and with his family came to the Glade in 1809, locating on the place now owned by the Widow Marsh, and there resided till his death. Besides their eldest son mentioned above, they had the following children:

  • Charles,
  • Polly,
  • Abby,
  • Bartholomew,
  • Joseph,
  • Samuel and
  • Jefferson,

all now deceased. In 1883 the only descendant of this large family, who wa a resident of Madison county, was John Melvin. Jr., a son of Bartholomew Melvin, who still resided on the Glade.

Joseph Melvin, a cousin of the above John Melvin, Sr., settled on the Glade, with his family at the same time of the latter. He married Phebe Van Vacter, and the following were their children:

  • Benjamin
  • John,
  • Silas,
  • Joseph,
  • Sallie,
  • Thomas and
  • Jane,

all deceased. In 1883 the only descendants of this family then in the county were the children of John. the second son, who married Sallie Inzer. by whom he had the following children:

  • .Josiah, who is married, and resides on the Glade,
  • Jane. married John Jones. of London;
  • Benjamin. resides in Indiana. and
  • Phebe. who married Isaac Jones. of London.

About 1808-10. Lewis Coon. a native of Virginia. and several of his nephews located on Deer Creek, on or near the Minshall lands. Son Jacob Coon, Sr., resided here till about 1848, when he removed to Missouri, and subsequently to Illinois, where he died, aged ninety-five years. He was twice married; by his first wife he had four sons and four daughters. Mr. Coon's second wife was Elizabeth Melvin, by whom he had three sons and four daughters; two of these sons died in the army, and the surviving one resides in Missouri; the daughters removed West and some are deceased. Mrs. Coon is still living in the West at an advanced age. From History of Madison County, Ohio Anonymous, 1883.

"In 1809 "several persons met at a log house...situated between the Lower Glade and the Upper Glade, and here by Rev. Mr. Pavey, a class was organized consisting of the following persons...[including]

  • Charles Melvin
  • John Melvin
  • Benjamin Melvin
  • Joseph Melvin
  • and their wives...
  • Abby Melvin...
  • Phebe Melvin....

About 1812, by mutual agreement, for the convenience of the members, the class was divided, those who lived in the vicnity of the upper Glade, forming a class which was the nucleus of the McDonad Church, or the Upper Glade Methodist Episcopal Church, and those who resided in the vicinity of the Lower Glade constitute a glass and the beginning of the church of which we here give a history. This class consisted of the following...[Note those shwn below are the same as listed for the original congregation; the original shows other members that differ between the two lists.]

  • Charles Melvin
  • John Melvin
  • Benjamin Melvin
  • Joseph Melvin
  • and their wives...
  • Abby Melvin...
  • Phebe Melvin....

numbering 26 members in all. [ From History of Madison County, Ohio Anonymous, 1883:682]


The following shows the descendancy of the two Melvin families who settled in the Glade, Madison Co, OH about 1808. This is based in part on the History of Madison Co Ohio, publ. 1883, and in part taken from varius family lineages to fill in the gaps. Working out these relationships is a work in progress.

James Melvin (1710-1778)=Susanna
Thomas Melvin (1827-1808) = Elizabeth John Melvin (1737-1804)=Elizabeth McCarty
John Melvin (1758-1826) = 1791 2) Jane Barnes (1759-1828) Joseph Melvin (1765-1817)= Phebe Van Vacter
Thomas (1782-1808) Charles Bartholomew Joseph Samuel Jefferson Benjamin John Silas Joseph V Thomas


1814 Tax record Washington Co Lists a Joseph Melvin.

Bekeley Co VA Rent Rolls

  • State: Virginia
  • County: Berkeley County
  • Township: Rent Rolls
  • Year: 1772
  • Record Type: Rent Role
  • Database: VA Early Census Index

Bekeley Co VA Rent Rolls]

  • State: Virginia
  • County: Berkeley County
  • Township: Rent Rolls
  • Year: 1777
  • Record Type: Rent Role
  • Database: VA Early Census Index

Name: THOS MELVIN State: Virginia County: Berkeley County Township: Rent Rolls Year: 1777 Record Type: Rent Role Database: VA Early Census Index

JNO. OF CASTLE MELVIN State: Virginia County: Berkeley County Township: Rent Rolls Year: 1776 Record Type: Rent Role Database: VA Early Census Index

Name: James Melvin Year: 1776 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 3110 Primary Immigrant: Melvin, James Annotation: General list of the Highland prisoners taken by Captain James and Richard Barron in the ship Oxford, and the assignment of them into fourteen divisions to be sent to various counties in Virginia. Source Bibliography: "THE HIGHLAND PRISONERS. Journal of Committee of Safety June 5, 1776-July 5, 1776; Monday the 24th of June 1776." In Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, vol. 5:1 (July 1923), pp. 59-63. Page: 62

James Melvin Year: 1717 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 6223 Primary Immigrant: Melvin, James Annotation: Abstracts of Virginia Land Office patent books 9 through 14, covering the early decades of the eighteenth century. Includes numerous references to land patented by "French refugees," the Protestants (Huguenots) who fled France after Louis XIV revoked the Source Bibliography: NUGENT, NELL MARION, abstractor. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Vol. 3: 1695-1732. Richmond [VA]: Virginia State Library, 1979. 578p. Indexed. Page: 196



contains "wayback" lineage of Melvins


Research NeedsEdit


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