Joseph Peregois (1663-1720)
Joseph Peregois
Sex: Male
Birth: 1663
Death: August 9, 1720
Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Mumford (1672-1721)
Children: Henry Peregoy (c1690-c1765)
Joseph Peregoy II (c1691-1745)
Edward Peregoy (1695-bef1747)
Susannah Peregoy (1696-?)
Frances Peregoy (1697-?)


A Chancery Court Record Liber P.L., folio 103 gives a deposition of Joseph Peregoy December 4, 1714, from which a birth year of approximately 1665 was calculated.[1] Joseph's parents are yet unknown.


Joseph immigrated to Maryland on July 21, 1685 at approximately age 20.[1]


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