From: Ewing Walker
Subject: [TWWFA]: Joseph Walker - Wigton or just a fellow traveler
Date: June 24, 2007 8:05:08 AM EDT

Text:This will below is my ancestor's although his son, James Walker (KY 1789), my ggrandfather, is not mentioned. He ran away to live with the Hays family in Tennessee.
Supposedly this Joseph was on the boat with the Wigton Folks.
Based on the latest DNA, perhaps his family came over at the same time and were unrelated to John I etc.
I am the only descendent of James (KY 1789) in the group. There is a record of JOseph somewhere among
the  people who are not in the group. 

Will Will Records Scott County, Kentucky, OSPage: 314
Name: Joseph Walker
My wife, Grissel
My daughter, Nancy Wamack, wife of Michel
My daughter, Jane
My grandson, Joseph, son of James
My grandson, Joseph Henderson, son of Alexander
My daughters, towit,
Mary Hays,
Jane Walker,
Nancy Wamick,
Jenny Walker, daughter to Samuel Walker,?,
and Nancy McCroskey
My son, Samuel Walker and Samuel Finley, Exe.
Witnesses: John Hutchison, Michael Wamick, and
Joseph Wamick Written: 22 January 1806 Probated:

August 1806

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