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On Marriage certificate: On 16th November 1861 Josiah is listed at marrying Frances Susannah Burchell Wilde. Note the difference to the name on the death certificate for Josiah (below). Josiah was a widower and Frances a spinster. "The consent of William Wilde the father of the bride was given to the marriage of F.S.B. Wilde with Josiah Jobson the {unreadable} F.S.B Wilde being under the age twenty one years. Graham M. Tof(?) Minister". Josiah was a labourer from Clever Farm near Orange. Josiah signed with his x mark and (just to confuse the name issues) the bride signed as Susannah Wilde in the presence of William Wilde and Mary Wilde who also left her x mark.

On death certificate: Josiah was a farmer, 69 years and 11 months, and he died on 14 July 1898 at Orange, N.S.W., of a) pleuro pneunomia and b) asphyxia. This had lasted for a) 5 days and b) 20 hours. The medical attendant was G. A. Van Someran and M. D. Edin. They last saw Josiah the day before his death. His father was William Jobson, soldier and mother unknown. The informant was his son, Henry John Jobson, who was illiterate and only able to leave his X mark, and Henry lived at Back Creek, near something that started with War and the witness to the x mark might have been Henry O'Leary but it is hard to read. This unreadable signature is also the registrar. The death was registered at Orange on the same day he died. Josiah was buried on the 15th July at the Church of England Cemetery at Orange and the undertaker was F. Ford. The minister was J. Lintott (?) Taylor of the Church of England and the witnesses were Charles Whiteley (probably son-in-law) and Charles Clark. Josiah was born in Essex England and had been in N.S.W. for 40 years. His 1st marriage was in Essex at 22 years to Rebecca Richardson and his 2nd was in Orange, N.S.W. at 32 years to Frances Susannah Burchell Cowdrey(?). The children of his first marriage were George 47, Henry J. 44, James W. 42, 1 male and 1 female deceases. The children of his second marriage were Mary A. and 1 male deceased.


  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: 1861 002522 23 (Marriage) 1898/010743 110 (Death)



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