Don Juan Maria Marron First owner of Rancho Agua Hediondo in Carlsbad California. Marron Street in northern California is named for him and located near the original ranch adobe.

Vital Statistics Edit

  • Born about 1808
  • Died 17 Sept 1853 - California
  • Married Felipa Osuna (1816-1889), Daughter of Alcalde of Rancho San Dieguito -

Biography Edit

Don Juan María Marrón ruled Rancho Agua Hedionda in the 1840s. His 13,311 acres extended from the Pacific Ocean inland almost to Vista and from Carlsbad south of Encina Canyon.

Don Juan had been a ship's captain before coming to San Diego in the early 1820s. He soon became prominent politically and married Doña Felipa, daughter of Juan María Osuna, the first alcalde of the pueblo of San Diego and the owner of Rancho San Dieguito. Rancho Agua Hedionda was granted to Marrón in 1842. Original diseño supporting claim to the land.

During the Mexican War, Don Juan supported the Americans against many of his Mexican friends. This support caused him considerable hardship and embarrassment at time.

Don Juan María Marrón died in 1853 at the age of forty-five; his widow and four children inherited Rancho Agua Hedionda, with the exception of 360 acres bequeathed to Silvestre. The latter also was given grazing rights on all of the huge rancho.

Children of Juan and Felipa Osuna Edit

Marrón was a ship's captain before settling San Diego in the early 1820s.

On January 12, 1834 Marrón married Felipa Osuna. She was born c. 1818, daughter of Juan María Osuna. They had three sons and one daughter.

Marrón served as the first Alcade of the Pueblo of San Diego during 1 January 1835 – 1836. He also served as Regidor (Alderman) and Juez de Paz (Justice of the Peace).

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