Julia Edmonia Parker
Sex: Female
Birth: November 11, 1889
in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Death: April 25, 1969
in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Burial: Carl Wittichen plot,
Elmwood Cemetery,
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Father: Arthur Charles Parker
Mother: Edmonia Eliza Berry
Spouse/Partner: Carl Ferdinand Wittichen
Marriage: April 29, 1912
in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee

         Julia Parker was the fourth and last child of Charlie Parker and Edmonia Berry. She was born in Memphis, TN, and was the granddaughter of a highly successful cotton shipper. As such, she grew up pretty well off and would appear to have been rather spoiled. She was fun-loving and free-spirited. It is likely these traits that attracted Carl Wittichen. However, after the birth of their only child, they began to grow apart.

         She became rather eccentric and stubborn. She made my grandfather dress up for almost any occasion. After her husband's death, she became even more eccentric.

         She became fascinated by astrology and refused to watch television unless by mirror so she could avoid the harmful rays she thought it emitted. She had a bevy of servants and hardly lifted a finger for herself. My grandmother said these servants would fall all over themselves to do anything for Julia, but would hardly respond if my grandmother made a request of them. She enjoyed a good stiff drink, much to the chagrin of her teetotaler sister. A story is told how she drove to downtown Birmingham after my grandparents were married and asked a black woman if she would like a job as a maid. The woman, Onzella McCall, jumped at the opportunity and came home with Julia for training. Julia told her how to set the table and then instructed her to clean out the refrigerator and then put everything back in. In this way, she told Onzella, she would learn how to clean the refrigerator and also learn what was in it. As Onzella began her task, Julia mixed herself a drink and headed for a chair to relax in. Onzela would continue working for my grandparents until her death when I was a small boy. Julia did a lot for my grandparents. She even paid for them to redesign their kitchen as a St. Charles Kitchen, a classic 1950's style that still remains in my grandparent's home.

         My mother remembered going to Julia's apartment at the Dujon Apartments (which were owned by my grandfather). Her apartment covered two units, having had the wall between them removed. She would always give my mother and her friends spending money. She also loved to watch the Veterans' Day parade from her apartment as it fell on her birthday. My mother and her sisters called her "Dearo", their attempt at her preferred grandmotherly title of "Dear Mother". Her great niece Henley Haslam called her "Arnie", apparently an attempt at "Auntie".

         With her lack of physical activity, Dearo gained weight and developed diabetes. Her last years were spent in a nursing home with her daughter-in-law's mother Donie Vickery. It was here that she died from complications of diabetes.

         Julia left a lasting impression on those who knew her, especially her family members. Fun but sometimes frustrating, Julia mostly lived for her own entertainment, but also enjoyed entertaining others.


Name Birth Death
Children of Carl Ferdinand Wittichen and Julia Edmonia Parker

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