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July 24 is the 205th day of the year (206th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 160 days remaining until the end of the year.




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75 Familypedia people were born on July 24

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Clara Anna Bertha Andersen (1897-1968)
John Anthony Aniston (1933)Antonios Anastasakis (1889-1965)Stella Joanne Anastasakis (1899-1992)
Frederick Rudolph Augustine (1904-1945)John Frederick Augustine (1886-1970)Cora Arledge (1886-1963)
Minnie Battams (1876)Richard Battams (1821-1900)Caroline Farr (1843-1906)
Fanny Bemis (1771-1852)Joshua Bemis (1729-1789)Sarah White (1737-1791)
Elias Blok (1835-1876)Hendrik Blok (1813-1880)Johanna Pieterse (1813-1857)
Martha Bowerman (1834-1902)William T Thomas (1797)Mary Ann Partridge (1797-1877)
John Thomas Burless (1855-1947)William Burless (1830-1917)Emmeline Vidler (1832-1912)
Ebenezer Bush (1687-1757)Samuel Bush (1647-1733)Mary Goodenow (1659-1687)
Emily Ann Carlisle (1860-1929)John Carlisle (1818-1893)Elizabeth Phipps (1837-1882)
Welcome Chapman (1805-1893)Benjamin Chapman (1783-1843)Sybil Amidon (1783-1863)
George John Cobcroft (1810-1874)John Frederick Cobcroft (1756-1853)Sarah Smith (1772-1857)
Thomas William Collyer (1824-1904)John Collyer (c1771-c1830)Johanna Catherine van Tassell (c1794-1850)
Lulu Craun (c1889-c1966)John Craun (1860-)Maryann Beck (1855-)
Philadelphia Dinnage (1798-1846)William Dinnage (1750-1825)Mary Huntley (c1760-)
... further results

62 Familypedia people died on July 24

 FatherMotherAge at death
John Alden (1682-1739)Johnathan Alden (1633-1697)Abigail Hallett (1644-1725)57
Ellen Anthoney (c1868-1963)Richard Anthoney (c1837-1929)Ann Betts (c1846-1902)95
William Baker (1822-1907)John Baker (1796-1874)Diana Smith (c1797-1866)85
Zadock Bellamy (1843-1908)James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)65
Albert Ebenezer Bensley (1878-1953)William Bensley (1852-1924)Elizabeth Gilby (1858-1943)75
Georg Adam Borsita von Martinitz (1645-1714)Maximilian Borsita von Martinitz (1612-1677)Anna Kateřina Bukůvková von Bukuwky (1625-1685)
Elizabeth Bridge (1838-1909)Thomas Bridge (1812-1900)Sarah Fernance (1820-1904)71
Samuel Brigham (1652-1713)Thomas Brigham (1603-1653)Mercy Hurd (1616-1693)61
Sarah Jane Carr (1867-1960)John James Carr (1834-1909)Ellen Shinfield (1842-1921)93
Gertrude Maria Channell (1873-1907)John Channell (1849-1917)Winifred Elizabeth Humphreys (1851-1897)34
Richard William Cobcroft (1793-1866)John Frederick Cobcroft (1756-1853)Sarah Smith (1772-1857)73
Phineas Wolcott Cook (1819-1900)Phineas Cook (1787-1848)Irene Churchill (1786-1870)81
Ada Jane Rachel Cravigan (1859-1945)William Cravigan (1833-1912)Ann Jane Francis (1836-1930)86
Eileen Darragh (1916-1994)Joseph Darragh (1855-1929)Ethel Rutkin (1881-1956)
Caroline Emmerton (1877-1963)Alfred Emmerton (1829-1909)Mary Bodsworth (1835-1932)86
... further results

75 Familypedia people were first married on July 24

 FatherMotherJoined with
Mary Ann Adair (1836-1861)Thomas Jefferson Adair (1814-1895)Frances Rogers (1818-1847)Valentine Carson (1831-1898)
Jane Elizabeth Beauclerk (c1807-1892)Charles George Beauclerk (1774-1845)Emily Charlotte Ogilvie (1778-1832)Henry Fitzroy (1806-1877)
Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon (1883-1961)Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1855-1944)Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (1862-1938)Sidney Herbert Buller-Fullerton Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1955)
Mary Elizabeth Boxsell (1859-1945)Edward Boxsell (1832-1895)Elizabeth Wenham (1838-1906)Richard James Hapgood (1866-1935)
William Henry Dudley Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork (1873-1967)Gerald Edmund Boyle (1840-1927)Elizabeth Theresa Pepys (1837-1897)Florence Cecilia Keppel (1871-1963)
Sidney Herbert Buller-Fullerton Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1955)William Elphinstone, 15th Lord Elphinstone (1828-1893)Constance Euphemia Woronzow Murray (1838-1922)Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon (1883-1961)
Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll (c1575-1638)Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll (bef1546-1584)Anne Keith (c1540-1588)Agnes Douglas (1574-1607)+Anne Cornwallis (bef1595-1635)
Valentine Carson (1831-1898)Samuel Carson (1805-1836)Eliza Jane Adair (1811-1892)Mary Ann Adair (1836-1861) + Hannah Waggle (1841-1929)
William George Cavendish, 2nd Baron Chesham (1815-1882)Charles Compton Cavendish, 1st Baron Chesham (1793-1863)Catherine Susan Gordon (1792-1866)Henrietta Frances Lascelles (1830-1884)
Obadiah Coolidge (1695-1741)Obadiah Coolidge (1663-1706)Elizabeth Ross-Roose (1668-1732)Rachel Goddard (1699-1740)
Edward Crosby (1716-1771)Hannah Gorham (1721-)
Deborah Crow (1694-1728)Nathaniel Crow (1632-1695)Deborah Leffingwell (1634-1697)Samuel Lathrop (1685-1754)
Lurline Daniel (1909-2003)Loto Sterling Daniel (1886-1982)Bessie Jane Hall (1891-1959)Brigham Jackson Sanders (1902-1981)
Agnes Douglas (1574-1607)William Douglas, 6th Earl of Morton (c1540-1606)Agnes Leslie (aft1541-c1606)Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll (c1575-1638)
Alexander Gordon Duff (1884-1978)(Edward) Alexander James Duff (1847-1916)(Amy) Katherine Barnett (1854-1943)Janet (`Jenny') Macfie Blaikie (1879-1972)
... further results

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