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June 11 is the 162nd day of the year (163rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 203 days remaining until the end of the year.




Holidays and ObservancesEdit

Liturgical observancesEdit

  • Saint Barnabas, apostle, martyr in 62 AD [common; PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), 6082, in red][1]
  • Saint Eskil, medieval patron saint of the Diocese of Strängnäs in Sweden (later moved to June 12 outside that diocese in order not to collide with the Feast of Barnabas)
  • Saint Onuphrius, hermit, confessor [GTZ: Basel, Freising, Worms]
  • Saint Reimbert, bishop of Bremen, confessor
  • Saint Aleidis of Schaarbeek (died 1250)
  • Blessed Flora (died 1347)
  • Blessed Tochumra, virgin [BLS: Kilmore, Ireland]
  • Blessed Tochumra, virgin [BLS: Tochumra in Munster]


  1. ^ Attwater, Donald and Catherine Rachel John. The Penguin Dictionary of Saints. 3rd edition. New York: Penguin Books, 1993. ISBN 0140513124.

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59 Familypedia people were born on June 11

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Edith Ida Stuart Appleton (1849-1892)William Stuart Appleton (1814-1891)Georgiana Louisa Frances Armistead (1817-)
Dan Arnold (1767-1855)Gideon Arnold (1735-1807)Lucy Hinckley (1738-1801)
Rolland F Bertrand (1923-1985)George Bertrand (1889-1962)Marie-Louise Angélina Leduc (1894-1981)
William Booth (c1473-1519)George Booth (1445-1483)Katherine de Montfort (1441-1521)
Charles Kingman Brewster (1843-1908)Elisha Huntington Brewster (1809-1878)Sophronia Martha Kingman (1810-1879)
Blanche Marcella Brush (1880-1925)Oren Wesley Brush (1849-1912)Louisa Griffin (1852-1929)
John Frederick Vaughan Campbell, 2nd Earl Cawdor (1817-1898)John Frederick Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor (1790-1860)Elizabeth Thynne (1795-1866)
George Chaseling (1867-1943)Matthew James Chaseling (1839-1906)Mary Woods (1842-1915)
Henry John Alexander Clarke (1862-1927)Thomas Clarke (1829-1901)Mary Ann Rolfe (1833-1920)
Charles Colless (1823-1898)George Colless (c1771-1851)Anne Goodwin (1780-1853)
Francis Nathaniel Conyngham, 2nd Marquess Conyngham (1797-1876)Henry Conyngham, 1st Marquess Conyngham (1766-1832)Elizabeth Denison (c1769-1861)
Amelia Cowper (1832-1910)Frederick Cowper (1794-1881)Susanna Lydia Nash (c1798-1878)
Edna Joyce Cramp (1915-2005)Albert Edmund James Cramp (1877-1951)Violet Victoria Matthews (1882-1963)
David Dimock (1704-1755)Shubael Dimock (1673-1728)Tabitha Lathrop (1671-1727)
Oliver Everett (1752-1802)Ebenezer Everett (1707-1778)Joanna Stevens (1711-1791)
... further results

93 Familypedia people died on June 11

 FatherMotherAge at death
James William Adams (1872-1922)Henry Daniel Adams (1844-1920)Eliza Agnes Bradley (1846-1925)50
Rudolf III. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (c1367-1419)Wenzel I. von Sachsen (c1337-1388)Cecilia di Carrara (c1356-1427)52
Jan Bakker (1780-1837)Johannes Bakker (1746-)Hildegondis van Grieken (1757-1828)
Thomas Ballard (1655-1711)Thomas Ballard (c1630-1689)Anne Thomas (c1630-1678)56
Samuel Bangs (1680-1750)Jonathan Bangs (1640-1729)Mary Mayo (1645-1711)70
Henry de Beauchamp, 1st Duke of Beauchamp (1424-1445)Richard Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick (1381-1439)Isabel le Despenser (1400-1439)21
Joshua Booby (1877-1958)Charles Booby (1847-1910)Charlotte Fuller (1854-1937)81
Dirk Japikse Borgman (1725-1796)Jacobus Dircks Borgman (c1695-1767)Mary Werners (c1700-)71
Vivian Marshall Boxsell (1873-1918)Joseph John Boxsell (1844-1907)Mary Ann Souter (1846-1891)45
Alice Bramble (1868-1935)William Bramble (1840-1892)Ann Preistley (1837-1897)67
Oliver Burdg (1821-1908)Jacob Burdg (1783-1862)Miriam Matthews (1786-c1860)87
Clara Byers (1878-1960)Robert Byers (1856-1930)Sarah Jane Winks (1858-1914)82
Jean I de la Marche (1344-1393)Jacques I de la Marche (1319-1362)Jeanne de Châtillon (1320-1371)49
John III of Portugal (1502-1557)Manuel I of Portugal (1469-1521)Maria of Aragon (1482-1517)55
Charles William Hugh Cavendish (1878-1900)Charles Compton William Cavendish, 3rd Baron Chesham (1850-1907)Beatrice Constance Grosvenor (1858-1911)22
... further results

59 Familypedia people were first married on June 11

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Franklin Lafayette Allred (1827-1850)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)Marinda Melvina Knapp (1830-1916)
Emily Baker (1838-1914)John Thomas Baker (1813-1890)Jane Louisa Ware (1817-1890)Joseph Fernance (1841-1916)
John Barnes (1867-1944)James Barnes (1836-1907)Hannah Fullager (1841-1907)Clara Jane Howlett (1875-1955)
Joseph Henry Barsden (1799-1873)Joseph Barsden (c1773-aft1799)Sarah (bef1784-c1800)Mary Ann Blackman (1803-1886)
John Bigelow (1817-1911)Asa Bigelow (1779-1850)Lucy Isham (1780-1853)Jane Tunis Poultney (1829-1889)
Mary Ann Blackman (1803-1886)James Blackman (1759-1842)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)Joseph Henry Barsden (1799-1873)
Ellen Bourne (1857-1940)Alfred Frederick Bourne (1815-1898)Mary Sutton (1815-1888)David Semple (1853-1939)
Anne Bowes (c1703-)William Bowes (1656-1706)Elizabeth Blakiston (c1660-1736)Edward Chaloner (1683-1737)
Eric Manning Bulley (1892-1947)George Bulley (1869-1919)Louisa Amelia Everingham (1868-1944)Lydia Alma Everingham (1897-1993)
Mebitable Burbank (1729-1813)Abraham Burbank (1703-1767)Mehitable Wight (1707-1767)Ebenezer Ripley (1729-1811)
Patrick Byers (1880-1937)Robert Byers (1856-1930)Sarah Jane Winks (1858-1914)Elizabeth Harriet Carr (1889-1974)
Mária Bánffy de Losoncz (1690-c1750)György Bánffy de Losoncz (1661-1706)Klára Bethlen de Bethlen (1666-1706)Ferenc Gyulay de Marosnémeth et Nádaska (1674-1728)
Hugh Frederick Vaughan Campbell, 4th Earl Cawdor (1870-1914)Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell, 3rd Earl Cawdor (1847-1911)Edith Georgiana Turnor (1844-1926)Joan Emily Mary Thynne (1872-1945)
Elizabeth Harriet Carr (1889-1974)George Carr (1848-1915)Jane Archer (c1860-1944)Patrick Byers (1880-1937)
William Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland (1857-1943)Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck (1819-1877)Elisabeth Sophia Hawkins-Whitshed (c1830-1858)Winifred Anna Dallas-Yorke (1863-1954)
... further results

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