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June 15 is the 166th day of the year (167th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 199 days remaining until the end of the year.




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85 Familypedia people were born on June 15

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alexander Ewan Armstrong (1916-1985)George Armstrong (1868-1954)Florence Edith Ewan (1878-1955)
Daniel Gunner Ashworth (1876-1949)James Edward Ashworth (1831-1910)Ellen E. Ramsbottom (1843-1910)
Margareta Avramescu (1919-1988)Victor Avramescu (1888-1952)Marioara Rădulescu (1899-1976)
Ellen Baker (1839-1915)Thomas Baker (1819-1904)Eleanor Cutbush (1819-1882)
Edward Bassingthwaighte (1822-1898)Edward Bassingthwaighte (1791-1857)Susanna Wright (1798-1874)
Elizabeth Bolles (1652-1734)Joseph Bolles (1608-1679)Mary Howell (1624-1691)
Mosiah Works Booth (1838-1903)Lorenzo Dow Booth (1807-1847)Parthenia Works (1811-1893)
James Freeman Bush (1860-1913)James Smith Bush (1825-1889)Harriet Eleanor Fay (1829-1924)
James Smith Bush (1825-1889)Obadiah Newcomb Bush (1797-1851)Harriet Smith (1800-1867)
Christina Cameron (1829-1909)George Cameron (1794-1851)Margaret McLean (1803-1866)
Alma Alfred Lambton Chandler (1856-1926)Arthur William Chandler (c1828-1904)Sarah Mitchell (c1832-)
Edward Perkins Channing (1856-1931)William Ellery Channing (1818-1901)Ellen Kilshaw Fuller (1820-1856)
Constance Harriet Mahonesa Chetwynd-Talbot (1836-1901)Henry J. Chetwynd-Talbot (1803-1868)Sarah Elizabeth Beresford (1807-1884)
Margaret Clancy (1877-1895)John Clancy (c1834-1890)Bridget Redden (c1840-1882)
Joshua Conant (1657-1706)Joshua Conant (1630-1659)Seeth Gardner (1636-1707)
... further results

88 Familypedia people died on June 15

 FatherMotherAge at death
William Arnold (1681-1758)Israel Arnold (1649-1718)Mary Barker (1649-1723)77
Emily Bayfield (1879-1966)Thomas Bayfield (1836-1893)Emily Peterson (1849-1918)87
Krisztina Bethlen de Bethlen (1638-1698)Ferenc Bethlen de Bethlen (1601-1653)Katalin Kemény de Magyargyerőmonostor (1614-1679)
Aaltje Bommel (1740-1820)Cornelis Bommel (1710-)Marij Jacobs (-)
Steven Thomas Borland (1950-2010)John Earl Borland I (1924-1986)Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989)60
Christina Brecht (1605-1675)Kuntz Conrad Brecht (1563-1612)Catharine Of Neudorf (c1569-aft1605)
Elisabeth Brooks (1680-1725)Gersham Brooks (1630-1686)Hannah Eccles (1632-1716)45
Arthur Thomas Murray Brown (1909-1975)George Brown (1875-1953)Minnie Ethel Christie (1877-1918)66
Thomas Aaron Buskirk (1848-1915)Joseph VanBuskirk (1811-1890)Ann Evans (1824-1912)67
Jean de Berry (1340-1416)Jean II de Valois (1319-1364)Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349)76
John Cole (1660-1748)Hugh Cole (bef1627-1699)Mary Foxwell (1635-c1689)88
Ruth Cole (1713-1766)Samuel Cole (1687-1733)Elizabeth Hibbard (1686-1748)
Unity Cole (c1861-1906)James Cole (c1812-1885)Mary Gutsell (1822-1892)
Josephine Conti (1918-1993)Angelo Conti (1874-1935)Marianna Marie LaBarbera (1882-1960)75
William Cordray (c1549-1621)Thomas Cordray (c1515-c1582)Jane Morris (c1520-1598)
... further results

85 Familypedia people were first married on June 15

 FatherMotherJoined with
Eleazer Adams (1748-1819)Solomon Adams (1699-1778)Abigail Munroe (1711-1784)Prudence Bennett (1756-1787)
Elizabeth Alldridge (1842-1906)Richard Alldridge (1815-1890)Ann Gordon Blunt (1820-1890)David Woolley Evans (1833-1876)
James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)William Zadock Bellamy (c1772-1850)Ann Fay (1774-1843)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)+Martha Jane Martin (1845-1928)
Prudence Bennett (1756-1787)Eleazer Adams (1748-1819)
Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden (1882-1973)Gustav V of Sweden (1858-1950)Viktoria von Baden (1862-1930)Margaret of Connaught (1882-1920) + Louise Mountbatten (1889-1965)
Joseph William Boon (1854-1909)Edwin Boon (1831-1909)Louisa French (1836-1902)Elizabeth Holyland Cramp (1851-1941)
William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (1705-1746)William Boyd, 3rd Earl of Kilmarnock (c1683-1717)Euphemia Ross (1684-bef1729)Anne Livingston (bef1707-1747)
Colin Cameron (1821-1905)Duncan Cameron (bef1811)Margaret Cameron (bef1811)Rosanna McPhee (1823-1915)
Margaret Cameron (1861-1926)William Cameron (1838-1904)Sarah Jane Hollis (c1844-1884)Edward Mumford (1849-1910)+Jeffery Hicks (?-?)
Albert Joseph Cheney (1847-1915)John Cheney (1806-1880)Anna Tofield (1804-1866)Matilda Henrietta Jane Adams (1857-1931)
Mary Irene Clement (1830-1896)Thomas Clement (1792-1842)Elizabeth Foote (1794-1846)John Franklin Sanders (1830-1896)
Joseph Vernon Cook (1913-2003)Joseph Nelson Cook (1886-1980)Julia Alnora Dustin (1888-1971)Cleo Bernice Kimball (1913-2001)
Alfred Cotten (1829-c1901)James Cotton (c1791-1848)Maria Maud Everingham (1811-1835)Sarah Everingham (1829-1910)
Elizabeth Holyland Cramp (1851-1941)Henry Cramp (1816-1884)Sophia Parsons (c1826-1894)Joseph William Boon (1854-1909)
Mary Crosby (1699-1738)Joseph Crosby (1669-1759)Sarah French (1671-1727)Eleazer Ellis (1692-1745)
... further results

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