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June 25 is the 176th day of the year (177th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 189 days remaining until the end of the year.




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53 Familypedia people were born on June 25

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Joseph Stewart Allen (1806-1889)Daniel Allen (1770-1854)Nancy Agnes (1771-1854)
Jantje Appelman (c1750-bef1816)Gerrit Appelman (1705-1781)Willempje aan de Noorderdijk (c1714-1753)
Henry Bagust (1890-1967)James Henry Bagust (1859-1914)Agnes Burton (1853-1930)
Albert Baker (1862-1938)William Baker (1822-1907)Julia Ann Scanlin (c1824-1885)
Alfred Francis Baker (1878-1955)Lyman Herman Baker (1848-1920)Elizabeth Goodman (1856-1939)
Lewis Henry Baldwin (1873-1955)John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909)Louise Eldredge Perham (1848-1886)
Joseph Rambler Barber (1821-1907)John Barber (?-?)Jane Wyer (?-?)
Allen Benjamin Bathurst (1872-1947)Allen Alexander Bathurst, 6th Earl Bathurst (1832-1892)Meriel Leicester Warren (1839-1872)
Francis Boyle, 1st Viscount Shannon (1623-1699)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (1566-1643)Catherine Fenton (-1629)
Joan II of Naples (1373-1435)Charles III of Naples (1345-1386)Margaret di Durazzo (1347-1412)
Elizabeth Compton (1760-1835)Charles Compton, 7th Earl of Northampton (1737-1763)Anne Somerset (1741-1763)
James Cornwall (1818-1898)Thomas Cornwall (bef1818)Sophia unknown (1818)
Mary Cupitt (1827-1871)William Augustus Cupitt (1797-1866)Rebecca Charlton (1804-1886)
John Anthony Fernance (1852-1931)Charles Fernance (1818-1902)Susannah Jane Walters (1822-1906)
Charles FitzRoy, 1st Baron Southampton (1737-1797)Augustus FitzRoy (1716-1741)Elizabeth Cosby (1721-1788)
... further results

74 Familypedia people died on June 25

 FatherMotherAge at death
Reuben Apps (1837-1898)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)61
Frederick III of Sicily (1272-1337)Pedro III de Aragón (1240-1285)Constance of Sicily (1249-1302)65
Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 1st Bt. (1762-1857)Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre (1717-1786)Elizabeth Fitzthomas (-1805)95
Mildred Bennion (1896-1969)Marcus Bennion (1865-1913)Lucy Evelyn Smith (1866-1937)
Dorothy Bishop (1570-1650)Matthew Bishop (1534-1574)Elizabeth Young (1538-1574)
Albin Ebenezer Bool (1874-1955)George Bool (1835-1900)Martha Geard (1835-1922)81
Stella Gertrude Branch (1877-1937)William Branch, Jr. (1850-)Ophelia Elizabeth McKenzie (1853-1932)60
Eduardo Brillantes (1937-2006)Francisco Brillantes (1892-1981)Josefina Madrid (1902-1976)69
George Broster (1823-1901)John Broster (1800)Martha Maddock (c1796)78
Johannes Brouwer (c1779-1850)Johannes Brouwer (1756-1836)Johanna de Meij (c1756-1824)
William Buttsworth (1816-1876)Henry Buttsworth (1789-1853)Sarah Rose (1795-1869)60
Joseph Craft (1842-1926)Edward Craft (1812-1901)Mary Yardley (1818-1895)84
George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876)Emanuel Henry Custer (1806-1892)Marie Ward (1807-1882)
Dinah Danewood (1821-1904)83
Anne Devereux (c1430-1486)Walter Devereux (1411-1459)Elizabeth Merbury (c1412-)56
... further results

53 Familypedia people were first married on June 25

 FatherMotherJoined with
Marie Antoinette Abalain (1931)René Adolphe AbalainCharlotte Marie FalkenburgRudolf Ernest Pieloor
Ida Ellen Adams (1884-1955)William John Adams (1842-1920)Martha E Cheney (1845-1920)Arthur Stanley Day (1881-1961)
Mary Ann Annesley (1833-1876)James Annesley (c1801-1883)Elizabeth Quinn (c1810-1883)Edward Field (1828-1896)
John Arbuthnott, 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott (1778-1860)John Arbuthnot, 7th Viscount of Arbuthnott (1754-1800)Isabella Graham ()Margaret Ogilvy ()
Karl Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg (1668-1721)Viktor I. Amadeus von Anhalt-Bernburg (1634-1718)Elisabeth von Pfalz-Zweibrücken (1642-1677)Sofie Albertine zu Solms-Sonnenwalde (1672-1708) + Wilhelmine Charlotte Nüssler (1683-1740)
Gershom Bigelow (1701-1789)Joshua Bigelow (1655-1745)Elizabeth Flagg (1655-1729)Rachel Gale (1702-1800)
Kezziah Blodgett (1784-)Samuel Blodgett (1746-1839)Abigail Bixby (1752-1844)Samuel Alden (1776-1855)
Benjamin Thomas Bridge (1860-1950)Joseph Bridge (1835-1923)Sarah Payne (1839-1899)Bertha Amelia Theresa Australia Medhurst (1865-1932)
Harriet Mary Bull (1870-1950)Alfred Bull (1838-)Emilia Mitchell (1843-c1911)William George Nowland (1866-1929)
Sylvester Butler (1826-1909)Sylvester Butler (c1804-1847)Ann Andrew Elkin (1805-1833)Emma Jane Kelly (1841-1931)
Georgiana Isabel Campbell (1820-1884)John Frederick Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor (1790-1860)Elizabeth Thynne (1795-1866)John Balfour (1811-1895)
Stanley Vivian Cause (1898-1970)Walter Gozzett Cause (1856-1926)Sarah Ann Smith (1867-1943)Constance Ethel Howe (1900-1959)
Esther C Clarke (1834-1885)Daniel Clarke (1786-1869)Hannah Stanley (1788-1854)Andrew Donohoe (c1824-1914)
John Coit (1670-1744)Joseph Coit (1643-1704)Martha Harris (c1642-1713)Mehitable Chandler (1673-1758)
Thomas Cramp (1810-1891)Jury Cramp (1778-1849)Mary Ingleton (1782-1822)Jane Pretty (1820-1879)
... further results

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