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June 30 is the 181st day of the year (182nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 184 days remaining until the end of the year.




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82 Familypedia people were born on June 30

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Joseph Bangs (1713-c1757)Samuel Bangs (1680-1750)Mary Hinckley (1678-1741)
Edson Barney (1806-1905)Royal Barney (1783-1856)Rachel Marsh Barney (1783-1864)
Robert Johnston Barton (1809-1863)Charles Barton (1760-1819)Susannah Johnston (1770)
Trijntje Louris Been (1726-1791)Louris Zymonsz Been (bef1710-?)Martje Ariens Jonker (bef1710-?)
Hazel Berry (1892-1981)John Halbert Berry (c1861-1923)Adelgesia Eliza Ebbeke (1863-1893)
Ada Bitner (1880-1930)Breneman Barr Bitner (1837-1909)Sarah Ann Osguthorpe (1847-1930)
Alice Blower (c1615-1690)Thomas Blower (1587-c1639)Alice Frost (1594-c1639)
Nicholas Bonham (1630-1684)
Cecily Bonville, 7th Baroness Harington (1460-1529)William Bonville, 6th Baron Harington (bef1442-1460)Katherine Neville (1442-c1503)
Ada May Boon (1882-1952)Joseph William Boon (1854-1909)Elizabeth Holyland Cramp (1851-1941)
David Brown (1847-1861)Thomas Brown (1806-1871)Sarah Benn Turk (1811-1902)
Cynthia Bunch (1870-1910)William Hamilton Bunch (1837-)Rebecca J. Smith (-)
David Geoffrey Ephraim Bunker (1918-1994)David George Bunker (1869-1926)Ada Lillian Christie (1874-1933)
Colin Robert Vaughan Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor (1962)Hugh John Vaughan Campbell, 6th Earl Cawdor (1932-1993)Cathryn Hinde (c1932-)
John Wapole Carter (1927-1951)Albert Arthur Carter (1882-1946)Eureta Mary Alice Caffrey
... further results

68 Familypedia people died on June 30

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mercy Alden (1669-1727)Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)61
Friedrich von Anhalt-Harzgerode (1613-1670)Christian I. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1568-1630)Anna zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (1579-1624)57
Anne Aspinall (1859-1947)William Vint Aspinall (1828-1862)Ellen Levingston (1833-1911)88
Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan (1764-1839)Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan (1735-1799)Margaret Smith (1739-1814)75
Ingeborg of Sweden (c1254-1302)Birger Magnusson (c1200-1266)Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden (c1212-c1254)48
Judit Borzsák (1777-1831)István Borzsák (1752-c1805)Zsuzsanna Szabó (c1757-c1810)
Edward Macarthur Bowman (1826-1872)James Bowman (1784-1846)Mary Isabella Macarthur (1796-1852)46
Gilbert Brooks (1621-1695)Gilbert Brooke (1591-1633)Dorothie Prestons (1595-)
Mary Ann Brown (1804-1829)David Brown (1772-1826)Eleanor Fleming (1780-1865)25
Elizabeth Catherine Brownlow (1846-1914)William Brownlow (1799-1865)Selena Eacott (1818-1906)68
Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629-1685)Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll (1607-1661)Margaret Douglas (1610-1678)56
Abraham James Carr (c1828-1902)William Carr (bef1828)Sarah Harris (bef1828)74
Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester of Holkham (1754-1842)Wenman Coke (c1717-1776)Elizabeth Chamberlayne (-1810)88
Martha Cotton (c1630-1673)John Cotton (-)
Malcolm Eggins (1873-1962)James Eggins (1839-1925)Ellen Lee (1840-1924)89
... further results

82 Familypedia people were first married on June 30

 FatherMotherJoined with
Michael Allen (1931-2006)Roland Allen (1898-1978)Violet Davy (1901-1982)Janet Brickell (1937-1999)
Charlotte Emma Avery (1833-1908)John Abel Avery (1798-1880)Charlotte Emma Davis (1808-1874)Joseph Rambler Barber (1821-1907)
John Backhouse (1817-1907)John Backhouse (bef1817)Catherine Thompson (bef1817)Ann Barrett (1818-1852)+Margaret Johnstone (1808-1899)
Emily Bailey (1871-1931)Joseph Bailey (1845-1928)Amelia Ann Fernance (1850-1917)John Thomas Fernance (1867-1944)
Joseph Rambler Barber (1821-1907)John Barber (?-?)Jane Wyer (?-?)Charlotte Emma Avery (1833-1908)
Ann Barrett (1818-1852)John Barrett (1789-1873)Ellen Simpson (1784-1875)John Backhouse (1817-1907)
Sarah Louise Verna Bath (1865-1898)Alfred Bath (1842-1900)Sophie Caroline Hogenow (c1845-1887)Joseph Newman McDougall (c1861-1909)
Janet Brickell (1937-1999)Walter Ratcliffe Brickell (1904-1969)Margaret Heapp Drummond (1902-1992)Michael Allen (1931-2006)
Jean Campbell (c1657-1712)Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629-1685)Mary Stuart (1628-1668)William Kerr, 2nd Marquess of Lothian (c1661-1722)
Thomas Herbert Cheney (1869-1947)Samuel Fletcher Cheney (1829-1911)Ella A Phillips (1840-1909)Lillian S. Byers (1870-1910) + Margaret Ellen Tyler (1877-1961)
Clarence Harvey Cook (1913-1969)Chauncey Harvey Cook (1874-1944)Hannah Elsie Hansen Sonberg (1879-1969)Cora Myrl Thornton (1914-2001)
Eda Belle Cook (1905-1963)John Henry Cook (1882-1949)Mary Jane Innes (1886-1944)Percy Edward Parnell (1902-1968)
John Boyd Cramsie (1871-1944)John Cramsie (1832-1910)Lillias Rankin (1842-1888)Jessie Halling McIntyre (c1872-c1951)
Catinca Dimachi (1814-1887)Nicolae Dimachi (1778-1836)Profira Miclescu (c1790-1859)Teodor Balș (1805-1856)
Pauline Renza Emerson (1900-1993)Charles Stillman Emerson (?-?)Flora Belle Winslow (?-?)Alan Bartlett Shepard (1891-1973)
... further results

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