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June 7 is the 158th day of the year (159th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 207 days remaining until the end of the year.

In common years it is always in ISO week 23.




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80 Familypedia people were born on June 7

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Anna May Aldridge (1870-1962)David Aldridge (1840-1895)Anna Fogarty (1841-1874)
Harriet P. Alger (1838-1871)Ogden M. Alger (1810-1876)Harriet Luddington (1815-)
Ebenezer Appleton (1784-1833)Isaac Appleton (1731-1806)Mary Adams (1741-1827)
Karl Donald Augustine (1914-)John Frederick Augustine (1886-1970)Cora Arledge (1886-1963)
James Balgowan (1845-1902)William Balgowan (c1808-1887)Jannet Shand (1810-1880)
Anna Ilsabe Sabine Bernitt (1790-1846)Johann Gottlieb Michel Bernitt (1753-1813)Catharina Margaretha Groning (1752-1851)
Edwin Boon (1831-1909)William Boon (1803-1855)Sarah Barrett (c1805)
Johannes Bos (1911-1992)AntoniusCornelia Hogenes
Eszter Bánffy de Losoncz (1911-2004)Endre Bánffy de Losoncz (1879-1962)Antónia Zichy de Zich und Vásonykeő (1884-1946)
John III of Portugal (1502-1557)Manuel I of Portugal (1469-1521)Maria of Aragon (1482-1517)
Virginia Dell Cassidy (1923-1994)James Eldridge Cassidy (1898-1957)Edith Valeria Grisham (1901-1968)
Rachel Cavendish (1727-1805)William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire (1698-1755)Catherine Hoskins (c1700-1777)
Thomas Choate (1693-1774)Thomas Choate (1671-1745)Mary Varney (1669-1733)
John (Jack) Cochrane (1885-1950)James Paterson Cochrane (1853-1904)Mary Sophia Pollard (1859-)
Grace Cox (1838-1876)Richard Cox (c1814-1880)Ann Turnbull (1820-1880)
... further results

88 Familypedia people died on June 7

 FatherMotherAge at death
Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)58
Walter James Bath (c1888-1917)Henry Charles Bath (1863-1930)Jane Grieve (1865-1938)29
Nicholas Bayly (c1749-1814)Nicholas Bayly (1709-1782)Caroline Paget (1707-1766)65
Cecily de Beauchamp (c1331-1394)John de Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Hacche (c1306-1343)Margaret de St. John (1304-1361)63
Joseph Bellamy (1854-1931)William Bellamy (1823-1891)Elanor Thompson (1824-1897)77
Thomas Bliss (1583-1650)Thomas Bliss (1563-1649)Alice Smith (1563-1625)86
Thomas Bliss (1563-1649)William Bliss (1530-1574)Elizabeth Unknown (c1532-1596)86
Maurice Bonham Carter (1880-1960)Henry Bonham Carter (1827-1921)Sibella Charlotte Norman (1837-1916)80
Emma Boulton (1858-1934)William Boulton (c1809-1892)Caroline Whatson (1823-1899)76
Thomas Bowden (1857-1911)Thomas Bowden (1824-1914)Hannah M Wattus (1831-1905)54
Albert Andrieszen Bradt (1607-1686)Andries Arentse Bradt (c1578-aft1616)Aeffi Kinetis (c1584-aft1616)79
Agnes Brodie (1845-1929)John Thomas Brodie (1805-1858)Margaret Crawford (1822-1905)84
Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329)Robert de Brus (1243-bef1304)Marjorie, Countess of Carrick (1256-1292)55
Zoltán Bánffy de Losoncz (1841-1892)János Bánffy de Losoncz (1810-1873)Jozefa Wesselényi de Hadad (1812-1899)51
Catherine de Bourbon (1342-1427)Pierre I de Bourbon (1311-1356)Isabella de Valois (1313-1383)85
... further results

80 Familypedia people were first married on June 7

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Apperley (1846-1935)John Apperley (c1820)Jane Miller (c1822)Anna Louisa Chaseling (1861-1894)
Magdalena Augusta von Anhalt-Zerbst (1679-1740)Karl Wilhelm von Anhalt-Zerbst (1652-1718)Sofie von Sachsen-Weißenfels (1654-1724)Friedrich II. von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1676-1732)
Mary Maria Baker (1854-1937)Edward Baker (1819-1861)Sarah Lewis (1827-)Robert A Cameron (1846-1937)
Willem Banté (1799-1868)Harmen Hendrik Banté (1771-1846)Catharina Magreta Waage (1771-1809)Gerritje Beltman (1800-1846)
Sophia Aurelia Bartholomew (1859-1928)Edward Franklin Bartholomew (1828-1891)Cordelia Kellogg (1829-1900)Charles Claude Runner (1857-1936)
Gerritje Beltman (1800-1846)Albert BeltmanAnna Krosman (c1761-1846)Willem Banté (1799-1868)
Ellen Besnard (1839-1917)Nicholas Richard Besnard (c1802-1882)Frances Burdell Keefe (c1820-1880)Edward Augustus Phillips (1833-1904)
William Blundell (-1863)George Blundell (1760-1835)Anne Johnson (c1760-)Charlotte Werry (1799-)
Henry Boyle, 3rd Earl of Shannon (1771-1842)Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon (1728-1807)Catharine Ponsonby (1746-1827)Sarah Hyde (-1820)
Hannah Brigham (1706-1781)Nathan Brigham (1671-1747)Elizabeth Maynard (1664-1733)Jabez Rice (1702-1738)
Ziporah Brigham (1704-1790)Nathan Brigham (1671-1747)Elizabeth Maynard (1664-1733)John Warren (1701-1783)
Gerald Oakley Cadogan, 6th Earl of Cadogan (1869-1933)George Henry Cadogan, 5th Earl Cadogan (1840-1915)Beatrix Jane Craven (1844-1907)Lilian Eleanor Marie Coxon (c1885-1973)
Phoebe Camden (1838-1897)Charles Richardson Camden (1800-1856)Mary Wilson (c1801-1856)Thomas Taylor (c1839-)
William Robert Capell (1775-1854)William Anne Capell, 4th Earl of Essex (1732-1799)Harriet Bladen (-1821)Sarah Salter (c1791-1874)
Maria Antonietta delle Duo Sicilie (1814-1898)Francesco I delle Duo Sicilie (1777-1830)Maria Isabel de España (1789-1848)Leopoldo II di Toscana (1797-1870)
... further results

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