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June 9 in recent years
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June 9 is the 160th day of the year (161st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 205 days remaining until the end of the year.

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62 Familypedia people were born on June 9

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Joseph Appleton (1751-1795)Isaac Appleton (1704-1794)Elizabeth Sawyer (1709-1785)
John Banfield (1842-1927)Thomas Banfield (c1810-1893)Margaret Twohig (c1812-1843)
William Botting (1811)William Thomas Botting (1783)Jane Woolver (c1785)
Rebecca Browne (1631-1699)Peter Browne (bef1600-1633)Mary Browne (c1600-)
Amy Gridley Butler (1848-1916)George Selden Butler (1820-1907)Elizabeth Ely Gridley (1826-1916)
John Cameron (1863-1917)Colin Cameron (1821-1905)Rosanna McPhee (1823-1915)
Orson Rega Card (1891-1984)Charles Ora Card (1839-1906)Zina Prescendia Young (1850-1931)
Elizabeth Carr (1691-1763)Richard Carr (1659-1727)Dorothy Boyce (1659-1694)
Annie Louise Chaseling (1856-1881)Thomas Chaseling (1831-1905)Catherine Jamieson (1825-1906)
Annie Josephine Connor (1860-1940)John Connor (bef1837-aft1865)Martha Shepherd (c1834-1929)
Jury Cramp (1846-1937)Thomas Cramp (1810-1891)Jane Pretty (1820-betw)
Sarah Doty (1666-1749)Edward Doty (bef1638-aft1688)Sarah Faunce (c1645-1695)
Elizabeth Elkin (1819-1890)Matthew Andrew Elkin (1780-1834)Catherine Wilbow (1793-1872)
Sarah Ellem (1851-1931)George Ellem (1827-1912)Sarah Ellen Dixon (1832-1912)
Margaret Elphinstone (1925)Sidney Herbert Buller-Fullerton Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1955)Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon (1883-1961)
... further results

71 Familypedia people died on June 9

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mena Ahrens (1863-1897)Heinrich Ahrens (c1815-1891)Sophia Fischer (c1826-1886)34
Johannus Georgius Bager (1725-1791)
Abraham Bailey (1858-1932)Henry Bailey (1837-1920)Elizabeth Edwards (1837-1909)74
Jan Banté (c1834-1868)Willem Banté (1799-1868)Gerritje Beltman (1800-1846)
Royal Barney (1808-1890)Royal Barney (1783-1856)Rachel Marsh Barney (1783-1864)82
Robert Bartlett (1567-1612)John Bartlett (1545-1591)Agnes Benger (1560-1588)
Martha Billington (1639-1704)Francis Billington (1607-1684)Christian Penn (1607-1684)65
John Henry Black (1799-1867)John Black (1778-1802)Mary Hyde (c1779-1864)68
Thomas Benjamin Briscoe Blackman (1875-1942)Charles Edward Blackman (1824-1914)Casiah Elizabeth Hill (1849-1913)67
Catherine Bridge (1848-1929)William Bridge (1819-1861)Sarah Carpenter (1826-1914)81
Carlton John Brownlow (1904-1957)Alexander Brownlow (1864-1918)Lucy Eva Cramp (1871-1940)53
Jacobus Brussé (1815-1815)Johannes Brussé (1792-1840)Johanna Hendrika van der Heijden (1791-1841)
Herbert George Buttsworth (1873-1953)James Rose Buttsworth (1833-1902)Maria Salter (1845-1926)80
Elna Helene Christine Christensen (1877-1955)Carl Christian Christensen (1848-1916)Ane Marie Nielsine Mikkelsen (1854-1885)78
Richard Christophers (1662-1726)Christopher Christophers (1631-1687)Mary Berry (1621-1676)
... further results

62 Familypedia people were first married on June 9

 FatherMotherJoined with
Ente Seymensen (bef1726-)SeymenDivertjeGeertje Klaphout
Rulon Clark Allred (1906-1977)Byron Harvey Allred (1870-1937)Mary Evelyn Clark (1884-1954)
Rodney Carlos Ashby (1880-1904)Nathaniel Ashby (1835-1882)Martha Ann Truman (1850-1892)Jennie Warner (1881-1974)
John Bassingthwaighte (1832-1893)Edward Bassingthwaighte (1791-1857)Susanna Wright (1798-1874)Anne Broadhead (1833-1899)
Henry Bentinck, 1st Duke of Portland (1682-1726)Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709)Anne Villiers (c1651-1688)Elizabeth Noel (1688-1737)
Maria Sophia Berchtoldovna of Uherèic (1794-1878)Maria Anton Berchtold of Uherèic (1754-1819)Maria Anna Huszár de Szent-Kereszt (1771-1847)Karel Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1783-1868)
Wouter Teunisz Bleijenberg (c1712-?)Teunis Jansz Bleijenberg (c1685-?)Jannetje Wouters (1685-?)Jannetje Jansse (1712-?)
Emma Bogdan (1853-1905)Lascăr Bogdan (1827-1856)Henrieta Dimachi (c1825-1873)Radu Rosetti (1853-1926)
Rinehart Frederick Brecht (1909-2003)Michael Brecht (1874-1963)Rosa M. Hasley (1878-1966)Dorothy
Egon Brunswik (1903-1955)Julius Brunswik (1863-c1940)Helene von Wiser (1881-c1960)Else Frenkel (1908-1958)
Safta Cantemir (1675-c1696)Constantin Cantemir (1612-1693)Ana Bantaș (c1645-1677)Mihai Racoviță (c1660-1744)
Louis XIV of France (1638-1715)Louis XIII of France (1601-1643)Anna Maria Mauricia of Spain (1601-1666)Maria Theresa of Spain (1638-1683)+Louise-Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc (1644-1710)+Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart (1641-1707)+Claude de Vin (c1637-1687)
George Chant (c1824-1891)James Chant (c1800-1841)Bridget Patten (c1801-1849)Mary Langdon (1825-1903)
Karel Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1783-1868)Jan Nepomuk Rudolf Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1749-1824)Maria Sidonia von Clary und Aldringen (1748-1824)Maria Sophia Berchtoldovna of Uherèic (1794-1878)
Thomas George Cramp (1818-1865)Joseph Cramp (c1791-)Frances Sharpe (c1795-)Mary Sarah Ann Hedges (1820-1842)+Sarah Lefley (1824-1906)
... further results

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