Karla Marie Wortman (living) was born on an unknown date to Ray Ross Wortman (1921-1984) and Barbara Jean Gust (living) . He married Jack Leroy Carter (1945-2003) .


Offspring of Karla Marie Wortman (living) and Jack Leroy Carter (1945-2003)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jerrod Troy Carter (living) Joan Helen Renner (living)

Lisa Jeanette Carter (living)

Name variations

  • Karla Marie Carter
  • Birth name: Mary Nordstrom

Vital statistics

  • Sex : Female


Karla is the adopted daughter of Ray Ross Wortman (1921-1984) and Barbara Jean Gust (living). Her birth mother was Norma Anita Nordstrom (1927-1998) and her biological father was Unknown.


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  Jtc, Robin Patterson

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