Kathyrn O'Malley (1898-1985) was a lawyer. (b. September 18, 1897, The Bronx, Bronx County, New York City, New York, USA - d. August 03, 1985, Saint Luke's Hospital, Manhattan, New York County, New York City, New York, USA) Social Security Number 066072656.


She was the daughter of Thomas Francis O'Malley (1854-1918) and Georgiana Reynolds (1855-1941).


Her siblings include: Frank O'Malley (1876-1963) who was a banker that married Rene X and worked in Brazil; Grace O'Malley (1881-?) who died as a youth; Edwin O'Malley (1883-1955) who married Alma Feltner (1882-1940) and was the Water Commisioner for the city of New York and the father of Walter Francis O'Malley (1903-1979) who owned the Brooklyn Dodgers; Leonard O'Malley (1888-1966) who married Florence Riley (c1890-c1958) and was a real estate developer who's daughter married George Jay Gould III (1918-1985); Arthur O'Malley (1889-1971) who married Maria K. Blake (1894-1989) and was a construction supervisor; Mabel O'Malley (1890-1926) who married Emil J. Ozanne and took her own life during a bout of post-partum depression, four months after the death of her child; Agnes O'Malley (1891-1980) who married Oscar Louis Naetzker (1891-1983); Joseph O'Malley (1893-1985) who married Kathryn Kennedy (1897-1974) aka Sis Kennedy, and was the Publisher of the Sub-Contractor's Registery; Estelle O'Malley (1895-1953) who married Nelson Montfort (c1895-?) and when they divorced she committed suicide on the boat when returning from Paris to New York; and Warren O'Malley (1897-c1955) who never married.

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She was a Fordam University Law School graduate.


She died in 1985 and her remains were cremated.

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