Kenelm Winslow, Sr. was born 22 September 1675 in Kenelm Winslow Homestead, Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Winslow (1639-1719) and Faith Miller (1644-1729) and died 10 June 1757 in Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Abigail Waterman (1681-1729) circa 1703 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


Kenelm Winslow Homestead


1645 Kenelm Winslow Homestead in Marshfield MA.

Kenelm Winslow Homestead is settled on a gentle eminence by the sea, near the extremity of a neck of land lying between Green Harbor and South Rivers. This tract of the township was considered the Eden of the region. It was beautified with groves of majestic oaks and graceful walnuts, with the underground void of tangled shrubbery. A few of these groves were standing within the memory of man, but all have now fallen beneath the hand of the woodman.

It would stay with the family for five generations, until their descendants had to flee the country for being loyalists supporters in the Revolutionary War.


Offspring of Kenelm Winslow, Sr. and Abigail Waterman (1681-1729)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Winslow (1704-)
Abigail Winslow (1707-1770)
Nathaniel Winslow (1709-1734)
Faith Winslow (1712-1785)
Kenelm Winslow (1716-1780) 5 November 1716 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 13 August 1780 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Abigail Bourne (1729-1761)

Eleanor Winslow (1718-1719)
Joseph Winslow (1724-1777)


Offspring of Capt. Nathaniel Winslow and Faith Miller (1644-1729)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Faith Winslow (1665-)
Nathaniel Winslow (1667-1736)
James Winslow (1669-1733)
Gilbert Winslow (1673-1731)
Kenelm Winslow (1675-1757) 22 September 1675 Kenelm Winslow Homestead, Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 10 June 1757 Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts Abigail Waterman (1681-1729)

Elinor Winslow (1677-1738)
Josiah Winslow (1681-1682)
Josiah Winslow (1683-1709)



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