Kenneth Jenner (1924-1944) - WW2

Kenneth Jenner (1924-1944)

Kenneth, the eighth child of Frederick and Lillian, died of TB in hospital; but he also died a war hero. He was discharged from the Royal Marines on the 26th November 1943 on the grounds that he was "Physically unfit for Royal Marine Service". According to Eva Baglin (his sister) and Grace Russ (his niece) he was hit in the shoulder by a sniper while on active duty. He was then sent back to England to recover in hospital, where he contracted TB and a year late, on 26th October 1944, died of TB. Ken's name is on the war memorial in Page Park, Staple Hill, Bristol.
Jenner, Kenneth war memorial, Page Park, Staple Hill, Bristol

War Memorial, Page Park, Staple Hill, Bristol

Late 1990's Kenneth's great-grandnephew, Nathan George Burgess Russ (who is named after his great-great-great grandfather George Burgess (1829-1905) was present in Page Park, Staple Hill, Bristol as a Scout-cub on 'Remembrance Sunday' while his corps laid a wreath at the war memorial where Kenneth is honoured.

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