Khokhar (खोखर) Khokar (खोकर) Khokkar (खोक्कर) is a gotra of Jats found in Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in India and Pakistan. Khokhar is a Baloch Jat clan found in Afghanistan. It is an important tribe of Punjab (Pakistan).

Origin Edit

They are mentioned in Vayu Purana and Visnu Purana as 'Kokarakas'. Khokhar is a derivative of Kukar. The Khokhars are found in Rajputs also.

Khokhars originated from Nagavanshi Karkotaka (कर्कोटक).

History Edit

The correct form of Khokhan is Khokhar, who were rulers in Raya (Mathura) and Sindh.

Bhai Roop Chand ji Was also Khokhar who was devout sikh of Guru Hargobind Ji. There is village on his name Bhai Roopa in Bhatinda district of Punjab, India. Haral, Ajra, Bhalu and Bhala are the sub gotras of the Khokhar Jats.

Khokhars origin is from Central Asia. They were perhaps Central Asian Huns who repeatedly attacked North India.

They were same for north India's empires as barbarians or Huns were for Roman Empire.

They have very ancient and important history that needs to be researched. Khokhar Jats are said to have constructed fort at Kanwat village in Sikar district of Rajasthan. It was their capital.

H.A. Rose writes that The Awans in Kapurthala are said to have the Jand got.

In Pakistan Khokhars are followers of Islam. A former high commissioner of Pakistan in India was Riaz Khokhar. हाकम अली खोकर बलाराँ सीकर राजस्थान ईन्डीया