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Born: Kimberly Shawn Henderson on May 16,1964 in Corpus Christi, Texas


Married: David Edward Harris (b June 17, 1962) on June 17, 1991 at Fairmont Hotel San Jose, California

Children: Kimberly Nicole Harris born October 21, 1991 and Brooke Joyann Harris born August 1, 1995 both born in Irving, Texas

Mother: Gwendolyn Joann Chilcoat born October 26, 1945 in Tucson, Arizona

Father: Lex Henderson born December 4, 1942 in McCamey, Texas

'Maternal Grandparents: Carl Sylvester Chilcoat (b 1919, d 2000) and Mary Ruth Moorhead (b 1922) married December 11, 1938

Paternal Grandparents: Brian Henderson and Lurlene Henderson

Siblings: Michael David Daughety born December 2, 1974 in Austin, Texas and Zachary Hill Henderson born April 1981

Grandchildren: Jayden Kennrick Harris-Polkinghorne born January 29, 2009 and Brody Channing Harris-Polkinghorne born January 20, 2012 to Kimberly Nicole

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