Klaas Korver was born October 1804 in Blokker, North Holland, Netherlands to Simon Korver (1776-1840) and Antje Maurits (1781-1858) and died 5 January 1875 in Nibbixwoud, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Grietje Mol (1808-1874) 6 February 1834 in Sijbekarspel, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Klaas lost all his money speculating on the Russian stock exchange.


Offspring of Klaas Korver and Grietje Mol (1808-1874)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Antje Korver (1834-1856)
Leentje Korver (1836-1881)
Simon Korver (1839-1915) 16 April 1839 Wognum, North Holland, Netherlands 31 January 1915 Blokker, North Holland, Netherlands Geertje Hendriks Kaijer (1835-1894)

Marijtje Korver (1841-1843)
Marijtje Korver (1844-1862)
Cornelis Korver (1847-?) 28 March 1847 Nibbixwoud Grietje Kamp (1845-1876)
Geertje Pieters Vleerlaag (1849-?)

Namesakes of Klaas Korver (1804-1875)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Klaas Korver (1766-1843)BenningbroekWognumPieter Korver (1736-1795)Geertje Klaas Broers (?-1804)Guurtje Jans Floor (1772-1833)
Klaas Korver (1812-1896)BenningbroekNibbixwoudKlaas Korver (1766-1843)Guurtje Jans Floor (1772-1833)Grietje Cornelis Jongejan (1820-1860)+Adriana Thool (1832-?)
Klaas Korver (1804-1875)Blokker, North Holland, NetherlandsNibbixwoud, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (1776-1840)Antje Maurits (1781-1858)Grietje Mol (1808-1874)
Klaas Korver (1867-)Nibbixwoud, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (1839-1915)Geertje Hendriks Kaijer (1835-1894)Maria Prins (1871-)

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