Klawija Dzyban (1891-1990)
Klawija Dzyban
Klawija Dzyban (1891-1990)
Sex: Female
Birth: October 12, 1891
Death: January 24, 1990
Bergen County, New Jersey
Father: Piotr Dzyban (c1860-aft1894)
Mother: Marianna Dawid (c1860-aft1894)
Siblings: Demiko Dzyban (c1882-aft1930)
Barbara Dzyban (c1894-aft1922)
Spouse/Partner: Feliks Szczęsny (1888-1926)
Marriage: September 4, 1910 in Jersey City,
Hudson County, New Jersey
Children: Walter Szczesny (c1916-1974)
Anna Szczesny (c1918-1987)
Joseph John Szczesny (1920-1997)
Helen Szejnrok (c1928-)
Theodore Szejnrok (c1929-)
2nd Spouse: Anthony Szejnrok (?-?)
2nd Marriage: between 1921 and 1928

Klawija Dzyban, a.k.a. Clara Dzyban was a Lemko immigrant to the United States from Poland.


Clara was born on October 12, 1891 in Poland, to parents Piotr Dzyban (c1860-aft1894) and Marianna Dawid (c1860-aft1894). Both of her parents are believed to have been of the Lemko ethnicity. The Lemko are a minority group in Poland and the Ukrane. Clara was probably born in or near the Lemko village of Pętna in the region of Poland known as Galicja. The Lemko spelling of the name of the village is Pankna. Clara also had relatives in Zielona Góra, Poland. Zielona Góra is quite distant from Pętna, but Clara's cousins who remained in Poland were "relocated."


Clara immigrated on May 6, 1905, through Ellis Island in New York. According to he passenger information, just prior to her immigration, she resided in Panków, Poland (a mistranslation of Pankna). Her passenger data transcribed on is as follows:

  • First Name: KLOWYA
  • Last Name: DZYBAN
  • Last Place of Residence: PANKOW
  • Date of Arrival: May 17, 1905
  • Age at Arrival: 18Y Gender: F Marital Status: S
  • Ship of Travel: Vaderland
  • Port of Departure: ANTWERP
  • Manifest Line Number: 0021

She declared that she was coming to the United States to stay with her brother Demiko Dzyban at 140 Essex Street in Jersey City.[1] Demiko arrived in the United States on December 30, 1902.[2] He declared that he was coming to the United States to stay with his aunt Sandra Dzyban at 140 Essex Street in Jersey City. Sandra arrived in the United States on September 27, 1899. Sandra and Demiko both resided in Petna at the time of their emmigration from Poland.

1910 CensusEdit

Clara appeared in the census of 1910 in Jersey City.

Marriage to Felix SzczesnyEdit

Felix Szczesny Clara Dzyban Marriage Record

Marriage Certificate

On September 4, 1910, Clara married Feliks Szczęsny (1888-1926) in Jersey City.

1920 CensusEdit

Clara appeared on the census of 1920 in the household of Felix Szczesny at 162 Steuben Street, Jersey City.

Marriage to Anthony SzejnrokEdit

She married Anthony Szejnrok between 1921 and 1928.

1930 CensusEdit

Clara appeared on the census of 1930 in the household of Anthony Szejnrok in Jersey City.


Clara died January 24th, 1990 at Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey, at age 98.


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