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Origin: Gelderland, Netherlands
Meaning: Name of a farm
Variant(s): Kolste
te Kolste
ter Kolste
ten Kolste
te Kolstee
ter Kolstee
ten Kolstee
te Kolstede
ter Kolstede
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The Kolstee surname originated in Winterswijk and Aalten, which are located in the eastern part of Gelderland, a province of the Netherlands.

There are various variations of the surname, which include Kolste, te Kolste, te Kolsté, ter Kolste, te Kolstee, ter Kolstee, te Kolstede, ter Kolstede, and Kolstede.

"The prefix "te" and "ter" means "at" or "on" in Dutch. Thus "at Kolste" or "at Kolstee." Most last names in this part of the Netherlands were named after their farms. There are two known farms, and both are located in Meddo, a hamlet of Winterswijk.


The two families of this surname lived in Winterwijk and Aalten. The Aalten family goes back to the early 1600s and the Winterswijk family goes back to the mid-1500s. Since people in this region were name after their farms, it is most likely that the Aalten family is descended off of a branch of the Winterswijk family. The reason why part of the family left Winterswijk, instead of continuing to live in the same area (almost all Winterswijk families lived in Winterswijk for centuries) could have attributed to the Eighty Years' War. Winterwijk was in the most eastern part of Gelderland, one of the Seventeen Provinces. The war also most likely is the reason why information on Winterswijk families of the 1500s and 1600s and before are either very little, or have been destroyed or lost.

The earliest member of this family is Unknown Kolstede (1543-?), who lived in Meddo in the 1500s. He was the father of Berend and Jan, who were born during the time of the Eighty Years' War.


Information regarding the Kolstee farms first appear in the mid-1600s, just after the Eighty Years' War ended in 1648. Jan ter Kolstede, son of Berend was the owner of the "Kolstee Klein" farm. "Klein" means "Small" in Dutch. The "Kolstee Groot" farm's information appears in the early 1700s. "Groot" means "Great" or "Big" in Dutch. Meaning, the Groot farm is bigger than the Klein farm. The earliest known owner of the Groot farm, Jan te Kolste, the great-grandson of Berend.

Although it is unknown for sure who owned the Groot farm before Jan te Kolste, it is likely it was passed down. Jan te Kolste is the eldest son of Wander te Kolste, who is the second son of Hijndrick te Kolste. Hijndrick's eldest son most likely did not have children. Hijndrick is the eldest son of Berend Kolstede.

Kolstee Great of Meddo, WinterswijkEdit

The Kolstee Great farm of Meddo, Winterswijk was owned by Jan te Kolste (1672-1746) until his death in 1746. His son, Willem te Kolste (1701-1785) owned the farm from 1746 until his death in 1785. His son (Berent te Kolste (1733-1767)) was to inherit the farm, but he died in 1767. Willem's grandson, Gerrit Jan te Kolste (1758-1797) owned the farm after his grandfather's death. He married Janna Geertruida Veerink and they had three children. Gerrit died in 1797, and Janna's second husband, Gerrit Jan te Bokkel owned the farm. It is unknown what happened to the farm afterward. Gerrit and Janna te Kolstee's first two children stayed in the Netherlands, while their third son immigrated to the United States in 1848.

Kolstee Klein of Meddo, WinterswijkEdit

There was another farm in Meddo, Netherlands. Old address is: Zie Meddo-2 blz. 100. It was owned by:

Owner Owned farm Relation to previous owner
Jan ter Kolstede
Gertt Wennekijnck (c1650-?) Son In-Law
Willem te Stegge (1690-?) His wife Maria's distant cousin married Gertt Wennekijnck.
Aalbert Kortschot (1733-?) His wife is a distant cousin of the above owners.
Derk Ulant (c1733-?)


Winterswijk death/burial recordsEdit

Name Died Burial
Fije te Kolste June 12, 1722
Geert te Colstee January 13, 1724
Joost Kolste August 16, 1727
Berent te Kolste July 22, 1728
Gerrit te Kolste August 3, 1728
Hinneken Kolste August 27, 1728
Geert te Kolste October 27, 1728
Joost Kolste January 4, 1729
Berent te Kolste February 7, 1730
Joost Kolste May 1, 1730
Joost Kolste May 7, 1731
Willem Kolste November 19, 1735
Joost Kolste May 31, 1737
Joost Kolste March 6, 1738
Berent te Kolste March 20, 1742
Joost Kolste April 4, 1742
Garrit te Kolste March 15, 1743 March 18, 1743
Jan te Kolste July 17, 1746 July 19, 1746
Marija te Kolste September 20, 1746 September 22, 1746
Berent te Kolste March 4, 1748 March 7, 1748
Geesken Kolste December 3, 1756 December 6, 1756
Aalbert te Kolste (child) May 16, 1762 May 18, 1762
Willem Kolste (child) August 9, 1764 August 11, 1764
Aalbert Kolste (child) November 22, 1765 November 23, 1765
Meggelt te Kolste April 6, 1766 April 8, 1766
Aalbert Kolste September 12, 1767 September 14, 1767
Berent Kolste November 27, 1767 November 30, 1767
Berent te Kolste June 7, 1769 June 10, 1769
Aelbert te Kolste (child) September 20, 1770 September 22, 1770
Aelbert te Kolste (child) November 18, 1771 November 20, 1771
Hindrik te Kolste November 5, 1775 November 7, 1775
Aelbert Colste May 31, 1780 June 2, 1780
Grijte te Colste February 12, 1783 February 14, 1783
Willem te Colstede August 14, 1785 August 17, 1785
Enneken te Kolste September 4, 1791 September 6, 1791
Aelbert te Colste March 10, 1793 March 14, 1793
G. J. te Colste Janaury 5, 1797 Janaury 8, 1797
Derk te Colste (child) April 24, 1798 April 26, 1798
Child Kolste April 26, 1800 April 28, 1800
J. H. te Colste (child) November 11, 1801 November 12, 1801
Jan te Colste January 10, 1802 January 12, 1802
Name Died Burial Notes
Grt. Jan March 19, 1807 3 weeks old; son of Janna te Colstee
Janna Vonderhuis December 21, 1807 age 56; of Kolste in Meddo
Grt. te Colstee April 10, 1808 age 79, of Reupenakke in Meddo
Hendrik te Colste Novemebr 2, 1810 age 79, of Reupenakke in Meddo
Janna Gulden August 2, 1811 age 86, of Colste in Meddo

Winterswijk marriage recordsEdit

Date Place Names Notes
1672 Meddo Hijndrick Temmijnck
Berendeken Kolste
solder under Captain Reemen in Bredevoordt
daughter of Hijndrick Koolste
May 13, 1674 Meddo Gertt Koolste
Alken teen Voorde
son of Hijndrick Kolste
December 19, 1676 Meddo Gertt Kolste
Grette Nijenhuis
widower of Alken ten Vorde
daughter of Karst
Janaury 21, 1677 Meddo Wander Tienck
Aelken ten Wiskamp
son of Freckrick Tinck
widow of Jan te Kolste
September 16, 1677 Meddo Hijndrick Weennekijnck
Hijndersken Stegge
widower of Hijnneken Koolste
daughter of Hendrick
June 19, 1697 Jan te Kolste
Geesken Geurkinck
of Meddo; son of Wander te Kolste
of Miste; daughter of Geert Geurkinck
March 25, 1703 Jan Wubbels
Geesje te Kolste
of Winterswijk; son of Berent Wubbels
of Winterswijk, daughter of Wander te Kolste
March 6, 1712 Jan Wevers
Aaltjen Kolste
of Winterswijk; widower of Henders ten Kreijl
of Meddo, daughter of Wander te Kolste
February 26, 1713 Harmen Geurkink
Enneken Boeijenk
of Winterswijk; widower of Hendersken Kolste
of Huppel; duaghter of Arent Boeijenk
June 26, 1718 Jan te Kreijl
Berentjen te Buddewies
of Aalten; widower of Hendersjen te Kolste
of Woold; daughter of Jan te Buddewies
May 21, 1719 Wolter te Kolste
Jenneken Brengers
of Meddo; son of Gerrit te Colste
of Meddo; daughter of Willem Brengers
May 21, 1719 Willem Helmerdink
Maria te Kolste
of Meddo; son of Arent Helmerdink
of Meddo; daughter of Gerrit te Kolste
March 30, 1721 Berent te Kolste
Geesjen te Slippe
of Meddo; son of Wander te Kolste
of Meddo; daughter of Harmen Nijenhuijs
Janaury 7, 1723 Joost Kossink
Derksken te Kolste
of Henxel; son of Wander Kossink
of Meddo; daughter of Gerrit te Kolste
October 17, 1723 Berent te Kolste
Janna Mengers
of Meddo; son of Geert te Colste
of Henxel; daughter of Harmen Leeferdink
July 14, 1726 Berent Lammers
Geertjen te Kolste
of Woold, living at Aalten; son of Geert Lammers
of Meddo, living at Aalten; daughter of Jan te Kolste
August 15, 1728 Joost Kossinck
Henders Sleumers
of Meddo; widower of Dercksken te Kolste
of Recken, living in Meddo; daughter of Berent Sleumers
May 1, 1729 Willem Helmers
Mechtelt ten Hagen
of Meddo; widower of Maria te Kolste
daughter of Willem ten Hagen
July 16, 1730 Jan Wijberdink
Jenneken te Kolste
of Kotten; widower of Harmken Gossink
of Meddo; daughter of Wander te Kolste
September 14, 1732 Willem te Kolste
Grietjen te Westendarp
of Meddo; son of Jan te Kolste
daughter of Jan te Westendarp
October 30, 1735 Willem te Kolstee
Aaltjen Woords
living in Winterswijk
May 5, 1756 Garrit Jan ten Elsen
Grietjen te Kolstede
of Meddo; son of Hendrik ten Elsen
of Meddo; daughter of Berent te Kolstede
July 21, 1759 Aalbert te Kortschot
Maria te Kolstede
of Ratum; son of Jan te Kortschot
of Meddo; daughter of Willem te Kolstede
February 27, 1768 Aalbert te Kortschot
Elske Uwland
of Meddo; widower of Maria te Kolstee
of Huppel; daughter of Berent Uwland
June 18, 1768 Hendrik Veerink
Enneken Meerdink
of Kotten; son of Derk Veerink
of Meddo; widower of Berent te Kolstee
May 27, 1769 Wander Lemnes
Harmken te Kolstede
of Meddo; son of Aelbert Lemnes
of Meddo; daughter of Berent te Kolstede
January 20, 1770 Garrit Jan te Kolste
Geertruid Dunnewolt
of Meddo; son of Berent te Kolste
of Meddo; daughter of Garrit Dunnewolt
February 17, 1770 Aalbert te Kolste
Hinders te Sligt
of Meddo; son of Berent te Kolste
of Corle; daughter of Jan te Sligt
March 20, 1773 Wander Lemnes
Derksken Beijers
of Meddo; widower of Harmine te Kolste
of Meddo; daughter of Berent Beijers
October 19, 1773 Jan te Kolste
Janna Gulden
of Meddo; son of Willem te Kolste
of Meddo; widow of Jan Berent Maas
September 11, 1805 Berend Willem te Kolstede
Christina Dunnewolt
of Meddo; son of Garrit Jan te Kolstede
daugther of Garrit Jan Dunnewolt
September 10, 1808 Harmanus te Kolste
Berendina Bruggers
son of Christiaan te Kolste
of Miste; daughter of Hendrik Jan Bruggers
December 2, 1809 Steven Jan te Kolste
Hanna Berendina Hesselink
of Meddo; son of Garrit Jan te Kolste
of Kotten; daughter of Garrit Hendrik Hesselink

Winterswijk baptism recordsEdit

Date Name Parent(s) Witnesses
1670 Geert Willem Kolste Hindrijck Kolste, Jan Matte, Hasler Berendeken
May 22, 1670 Aelken Wander ter Kolste Aelken Niienhuis, Berendtien Jantien Stenkamp
March 22, 1671 Stijnken Willem Kolste Hindrick Boss, Eenneken Herbers, Alken Nijenhuis
February 2, 1675 Gesken Wanner Kolste Derck Hemsinck, Alken Foorde, Belle Rordinck
June 27, 1675 Tonnisken Berendt Tenkamp Willem ter Hofe, Grete Kolste, Jenneken Roedinck
March 1, 1676 Ienneken Hinderck Weenninck Hinderck Kolste, Gerdtken Wiskamp, Hilleken Weninck
March 24, 1678 Janna Willem Berkell Alken Hunders, Stijnken Koolste, Gertt Herbers
July 7, 1678 Hermken Wanner Kolste Willem Eesselinck, Stijnken Kolste, Hijndrick
August 4, 1678 Alken Gertt Kolste Hijndrick Hofkes, Jenneken Nijenhuis, Berentt Koolste
March 12, 1682 Hinneken Gerdt Kolste Berendt Huininck, Grete Kolste, Hinneken Kolste
1684 Wilmken Willem Esselinck Hinneken Esselinck, Jenneken Heffeken, Hinderck Kolste
July 26, 1685 Enneken Wander Kolste
March 2, 1689 Harmen Berendt Kolste Hinderck Koelste
December 18, 1695 Gesina Hermen Geurckinck Geesken Laerbergh, Berentjen Kolste, Berent Grooters
Novemebr 21, 1696 Dercxken Gerritt te Kolste Geesken Sleumers, Jenneken Evers, Berent Hiddinck
July 29, 1698 Geertjen Jan te Kolste Geert Slats, Aelken Kolste, Jenneken van Duiren
January 21, 1699 Hendarina Hermen Geurkinck Geesken Kolste, Aelken Thijeenck, Jan Grooters
March 1, 1701 Willem Jan te Kolste Berent te Drentel, Geesken Kolste, Berent te Kolste
January 21, 1703 Wolter Gerrit te Kolste Herbert Herberts, Derk te Wale, Jenneke Brengers
August 12, 1703 Berent Jan te Kolste Jan Wubbels, Hendrik Ubbink, Hermke Kolste
March 7, 1706 Henrick Jan te Kolstee Harmen Geurkinck, Wander Kolstee, Henders ten Brincke
December 27, 1710 Aeltjen Hendrik Grevink Jan Grevink, Hendersken Kolste, Fenne Grevink
July 26, 1711 Stijntjen Jan te Kolste
December 27, 1716 Hendrik Harmen Slats Teunis Oosterman, Jan te Kolste, Hendersjen Slats
February 3, 1717 Geesjen Jan Bollen Gerrit Sijverdink, Aeltjen Loobeek, Berentjen Kolste
March 26, 1717 Willem Gerrit Beijers Gerrit te Kolste, Berent Herberts
March 29, 1720 Grietjen Willem Helmerdink Maria te Kolste, Janna Boikink, Geert Scherink
October 25, 1722 Hendersjen Derk ter Slippe Berent te Kolste, Berentjen te Slippe, Aeltjen Esselink
July 25, 1723 Maria Joost Kosink Gerrit te Kolste, Jenneken Gribbroek, Maria Kosink
July 29, 1725 Anna Catharina Hendrik Mengers Hendrik Bennink, Janna te Kolste, Berentjen Bras
August 5, 1725 Hendersjen Jan ten Haeken Janna Hijenk, Harmen ter Selle, Geertjen ten Pas
September 9, 1725 Grietjen Berent te Kolste Hendrik Mengers, Henders Kolste, Berentjen Beijers
June 2, 1726 Hendrik Jan Joost Kossink Wander Kossink, Wolter te Kolste, Roelef Herbers
September 8, 1726 Geertijen Berent Lammers Gerrit te Kolste, Geesjen Lammers, Geesjen ter Slippe
May 11, 1727 Harmken Berent te Kolste Jenneken Hijenk, Jan te Kolste, Aeltjen Dondergoor
August 17, 1727 Derk Joost Kosink op Kolste
June 6, 1728 Aeltjen Berent te Kolste Geert te Kolste, Berentjen Mengers, Geesjen Kolste
Novemebr 7, 1728 Wander Berent Lammers Keupe Lammers, Jan te Kolste, Willemken Lammers
June 12, 1729 Jan Harmen Koks Berent Kolste, Jan Lohuis, Enneken Eeftink
June 19, 1729 Gerrit Jan Berent te Kolste Derk Dondergoor, Berent Roskamp, Geesjen te Kolste
March 26, 1731 Grietjen Berent Lammers
Geertjen te Kolste
Derk Lammers, Geesken te Kolste, Enneken te Kolste
May 3, 1731 Berent Joost te Kolste Jan Kossink, Garrit te Gribbroek, Geesken Sleumers
June 17, 1731 Jan Hendrik Berent te Kolste
Janna Mengers
February 22, 1733 Stijntjen Berent Lammers
Geertjen te Kolste
May 31, 1733 Geertruijt Willem te Oelewick
Aaltjen Wijberdink
Harmen te Vene, Hendrina te Haer, Enneken Kolste
August 9, 1733 Berent Willem te Kolste
Grietjen Westenbarg
Jan Wijberdink, Harmen Leeferdink, Geertjen te Kolste
March 14, 1734 Aaltjen Willem Konninks
Willemken Wieberdink
Geert Wevers, Enneken Wevers, Enneken te Kolstee
April 11, 1734 Grietjen Derk ten Hagen
Geuken Lammers
Enneken ten Hagen, Geertjen te Kolstee, Jan ter Stege, Luke Oossink, Griete


September 12, 1734 Albert Berent te Kolstee
Janna Mengers
Berent Mengers, Jan Berent Mengers, Aaltjen Mengers
November 6, 1735 Stijntjen Willem te Kolstee
Grietjen Westendorp
Harmen Warrink, Geesken te Kolstee, Jenneken Westendorp
December 11, 1735 Jenneken Willem Helmerdink
Mechtelt Schoppers
Aaltjen Schoppers, Aaltjen Helmerdink, Joost te Kolstee
July 22, 1736 Berentjen Berent Lammers
Geertjen te Kolstee
Stijntjen te Kolstee
August 13, 1736 Wander Wander Kossink
Metta Kortschot
Joost te Kolstee, Frerijk Dondergoor, Jan Willem Dulmes, Aaltjen Kossink, Aaltgen Dondergoor
July 14, 1737 Jan Williem te Kolstee
Grietjen te Kolstee
Jan te Kolstee, Harmen Slats, Stijntjen te Kolstee
July 21, 1737 Elisabeth Joost Kossink op Kolstee
Henders Sleumers
Willem ten Els, Jenneken Brengers, Aaltjen te Gribbroek
March 16, 1740 Metta Jacobus Gribbroek
Aaltjen Grilbroek
Joost te Kolste, Metta ten Pas, Elisabeth Gribroek
October 6, 1758 Berent Hendrik Garrit Jan ten Elsen
Grijtjen te Kolstee
Derk ten Elsen and Harmken te Kolste
December 24, 1758 Garrit Jan Berent te Kolste
Enneken te Kolste
Harmen Wiggers, Jan te Kolste, Janna Broekmeule
November 11, 1759 Berent Hendrik Garrit Jan Elsen
Grijte Kolste
Garrit te Kolste
December 16, 1759 Jan Willem Hindrik Jan Boijink
Jennejen Boeijink
Coene Boijink, Willem te Kolste, Wilmke Schreuurs
November 2, 1760 Janna Derk Meerdink an de Broekmeule
Engele Mentink
Berent te Kolste, Jenniken Mentink, Janna Meerdink
December 17, 1760 Jan Willem Aalbert te Kortschot
Marija te Kolste
Teube ten Hagen, Willen te Kolste, Jenneken te Kolste
September 12, 1762 Janna Beerndina Hendrik Jan Boeijink
Jenneken te Kolste
Willem ten Dolle, Hinders Boeijink, Marijah te Kolste
November 21, 1762 Beerndeken Garrit Jan ten Elsen
Grijte te Kolste
May 23, 1764 Jan Derk Berent te Kolste
Enneken te Kolste
Jacob Derk Dunnewolt, Derk Broekmeule, Grijte te Kolste
November 24, 1765 Jan Aalbert Garrit Jan ten Elsen
Grijtjen te Kolste
December 29, 1765 Jan Hendrik Hendrik Jan Boeijink
Jenneken te Kolste
January 15, 1769 Maria Aelbert te Kolste
Elske Uland
Maria Lutjenkossink, Geertjen Ulant, Jan Derk Ulant
July 30, 1769 Megthelt Hindrik Jan Boeijenk
Jenneken te Kolste
December 16, 1770 Janna Garrijt te Kolste
Geertruit Dunnewolt
December 8, 1771 Berent Willem Garrijt te Kolste
Geertruit Dunnewolt
October 16, 1774 Manes Hindrik Jan Boeijenk
Jenneken te Kolste
(Born Oct. 10)
December 4, 1774 Janna Harmina Garrijt te Kolste
Geertruit Dunnewolt
(Born Dec. 2)
March 29, 1782 Steven Jan Garrijt te Colste
Geertruid Teunte
July 9, 1786 Berendina Garrijt te Colstede
Anna Geertruid Ferink
Born June 30, 1786
January 1, 1789 Derk Willem Garrijt Jan te Colste
Janna Geertruid Ferink
Born December 25, 1788
October 30, 1791 Engelbartus Garrijt Jan te Colste
Janna Geertruid Ferink
Born October 19, 1791
May 4, 1794 Garrijt Hindrik Garrijt Jan te Colste
Janna Geertruid Ferink
Born April 28, 1794
January 29, 1797 Garrijtjen Garrijt Jan te Colste
Janna Geertruid Ferink
Born January 26, 1797/Theunes Verink
September 21, 1806 Garrit Jan Berend Willem te Kolste
Christina Dunnewold
Born September 15, 1806
March 11, 1807 Garrit Jan Janna Harmina te Kolste Born February 26, 1807/Derk Keveskamp, Griete Tops
February 1, 1809 Garrit Willem Berend Willem Kolste
Christina Dunnewold
Born January 20, 1809
December 31, 1809 Christiaan Harmanus te Kolste
Berendina Bruggers
Decemebr 24, 1809
November 18, 1810 Garrit Jan Steven Jan te Kolste
Hanna Berendina Hesselink
Born November 10, 1810
April 21, 1811 Hendrik Jan Berend Willem te Kolste
Christina Dunnewold
April 12, 1811


When Event Place
c1543 The earliest family member, Unknown Kolstede (1543-?) is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1575 Berend Kolstede (1575-?), son of Unknown Kolstede (1543-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1591 Jan te Kolstee (c1591-?), son of Unknown Kolstede (1543-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1602 Unknown te Kolstee (c1602-?) is born. Aalten
c1605 Hijndrick te Kolste (1605-?), son of Berend Kolstede (1575-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1610 Hindricka te Kolste (c1610-?), daughter of Berend Kolstede (1575-?), is born. Winterswijk
c1611 Gert ter Kolstede (c1611-?), son of Berend Kolstede (1575-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1612 Jan ter Kolstede (c1612-1682), son of Berend Kolstede (1575-?), is born. Winterswijk
c1637 Wander te Kolste (c1637-?), son of Hijndrick te Kolste (1605-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
c1650 Earliest records of the Kolstee Klein farm. Meddo, Winterswijk
1672 Jan te Kolste (1672-?), son of Wander te Kolste (c1637-?), is born. Meddo, Winterswijk
1682 Jan ter Kolstede (c1612-1682), son of Berend Kolstede (1575-?), dies. Meddo, Winterswijk

Family treesEdit

From WinterswijkEdit

From AaltenEdit

One branch immigrated to the United States.

1. Unknown te Kolstee (c1602-?)
 2. Unknown te Kolstee (c1634 -?)
  3. Harmen te Kolstege (c1685-?)
  + m. Geertje Unknown (c1681-?)
   4. Joost te Kolstege (c1707-?)
   + m. Aaltjen Wermelinks (c1721-?)
   4. Willem te Kolste (c1710-1779)
   + m. Aaltjen Woorts (c1712-1775)
    5. Gerrit Jan te Kolste (1736-?)
    5. Hendrik Jan te Kolste (1738-?)
    5. William Hendrik te Kolste (1741-?)
    5. Angenis te Kolste (1742-?)
    5. Harmanus te Kolste (1746-?)
    5. Berent te Kolste (1748-?)
    5. Christiaan te Kolste (1751-1784)
    + m. Derksken Westerveld (1749-1811)
     6. Aaltjen te Kolste (1775-?)
     6. Hendrik te Kolste (1775-?)
     6. Hendrik te Kolste (1778-?)
     6. Harmanus te Kolste (1783-1859)
     + m. Berendina Bruggers (1784-1844)
      7. Christiaan te Kolste (1809-1875)
      + m. Everdina Klomps (1807-1859)
       8. Gerrit Jan te Kolste (1841-1915)
       8. Jane te Kolste (1851-1925)
       + m. Toni William Walvoord (1843-1916)
        9. Johanna Hendrieka Walvoord (1875-1951)
        9. Berendina Walvoord (1877-1971)
        9. John Christian Walvoord (1879-1964)
        9. Garrett John Walvoord (1887-1958)
        9. Everdina Walvoord (1881-1978)
        9. Child Walvoord (1885-1885)
        9. William W. Walvoord (1890-1952)
        9. James Henry Walvoord (1893-1957)
      7. Geertjen te Kolste (1812-?)
      7. Derk Hendrik te Kolste (1814-?)
      7. Jan Willem te Kolste (1817-?)
   4. Derske te Kolstege (c1710-?)
   + m. Berent ter Honnepe (1703-?)
   4. Grietje Kolstee (1716-?)
  3. Geert te Kolstee (c1675-?)
  + m. Beerndeken
   4. Beerndeken te Kolstee (1702-?)
   4. Beerndeken te Kolstee (1703-?) 
   4. Gerritje te Kolste (1708-aft1748)
    + m. Jan Houwers (1710-?)
    5. Gerrit Jan te Kolstee (1735-?)
    5. Barentje te Kolstee (1737-?)
    5. Barent te Kolstee (1740-?)
    5. Hendrik te Kolstee (1744-1823)
    + m. Hendrika ter Beest (1763-1805)
     6. Antonij Kolstee (1785-bef1850)
     + m. Geesken Lutten Lensink (1783-aft1860)
      7. Gerrit Hendrik te Kolstee (1808-c1846)
      + m. Jocamina Zeefeld (?-?)
      7. Hendrika Aleijda Kolstede (1812-1847)
      + m. Hendrik Jan Voskuil (1814-1877)
       8. Janna Willemina Voskuil (1836-?)
       8. Tony Voskuil (1838-1841)
       8. Willem Christiaan Voskuil (1840-?)
       8. Antonia Voskuil (1843-1863)
      7. Arent Jan te Kolste (1816-1883)
      + m. Grada Harmina Prange (1821-1866)
       8. Lambert te Kolstee (1847-?)
       8. Grada Harmina Kolste (1856-?)
       8. Antonius Kolste (1858-?)
      7. Hendrik te Kolstee (1819-?)
      + m. Teunisken Maria Doornink (1808-?)
       8. Grada Gesina te Kolstee (1846-?)
      7. Gesiena te Kolstee (1825-?)
2. Berent te Kolstede (c1636-?)
 3. Geert te Kolstede (c1668-?)
 3. Jan te Kolstee (c1668-?)
 3. Hendersken te Kolstede (c1670-?)
 3. Aeltjen te Kolstee (c1671-?)
 3. Grietjen te Kolstede (1675-?)
+ m. Elsken (c1642-?)
2. Gerrit Kolste (c1639-?)
2. Berent te Kolstede (c1641-?)
+ m. Berentjen Mauris (c1640-?)