Four or more generations of descendants of Konrad III of the Holy Roman Empire (1093-1152) if they are properly linked:
1. Konrad III of the Holy Roman Empire (1093-1152)

2. Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1116-1151)
3. Evdokiya Izyaslavna of Kiev (c1136-c1187)
4. Bolesław of Poland (1159-1195)
4. Mieszko the Younger of Poland (c1162-1193)
4. Władysław III Spindleshanks of Poland (c1164-1231)
4. Salomea of Poland (c1163-c1183)
4. Anastasia of Poland (c1164-aft1240)
5. Bogislaw II. von Pommern (c1177-1220) (more)
5. Kasimir II. von Pommern (c1180-1219) (more)
3. Mstislav II Izyaslavich of Kiev (c1132-1172)
4. Roman Mstislavich of Halych (c1152-1205)
5. Fedora of Halych (?-?) (more)
5. Elena of Halych (c1190-c1237) (more)
5. Salomea of Halych (?-?) (more)
5. Daniel of Galicia (1201-1264) (more)
5. Wassilko of Halych (?-?) (more)
4. Sviatoslav of Brest (?-?)
4. Vsevolod of Volhynia (?-1196)
3. Yaroslav II of Kiev (c1133-c1180)
4. Ingwar of Kiev (c1152-1220)
5. Izyaslav of Dorogobuzh (?-1223) (more)
5. Svetoslav of Shumsk (?-1223) (more)
5. Jaroslav of Lutsk (more)
5. Vladimir of Lutsk (?-1229) (more)
5. Gremyslava of Lutsk (c1190-1258) (more)
4. Mstislav of Halych (?-c1226)
4. Vsevolod of Lutsk (?-aft1210)
4. Iziaslav of Lutsk (?-1196)
3. Yaropolk Izyaslavich of Shumsk (c1150-)
2. Bertha of the Holy Roman Empire (1116-1160)
3. Hermann IV. von Baden (c1135-1190)
4. Hermann V. von Baden-Baden (c1163-1243)
5. Hermann VI. von Baden-Baden (c1225-1250) (more)
5. Rudolf I. von Baden-Baden (c1230-1288) (more)
5. Mechthild von Baden (-1259) (more)
5. Elisabeth von Baden-Baden (more)
4. Heinrich I. von Baden-Hachberg (?-1231)
4. Friedrich von Baden-Baden (c1167-1217)
4. Jutta von Baden
4. Bertha von Baden
4. Gertrud von Baden (?-bef1225)
2. Gertrud of the Holy Roman Empire (?-?)
2. Heinrich VI of the Holy Roman Empire (?-1150)
2. Friedrich IV von Rothenburg (?-1167)
2. Sophie von Staufen (c1113-aft1135)
3. Konrad von Weikersheim (c1130-aft1170)
4. Konrad von Weikersheim
4. Heinrich von Weikersheim (c1160-c1220)
5. Andreas von Hohenlohe (c1210-c1269) (more)
5. Gottfried I. von Hohenlohe (c1200-aft1266) (more)
5. Konrad I. von Hohenlohe (c1200-1249) (more)
5. Heinrich von Hohenlohe (?-c1249) (more)
5. Friedrich von Hohenlohe (?-aft1220) (more)
4. Albert von Weikersheim
2. Leopold von Staufen
2. Konstantin von Lochgarten
2. Giselbert von Hotingen

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