Ship Name: Port of Departure: Destination: Port of Arrival: Arrival Date:
California Hamburg, Germany New York New York 3 May 1886
Name: Estimated Birth Year: Age: Gender: Place of Origin: Line Number
Lorenz Mucha abt 1850 36 Male Galicia 11
Mariane Mucha abt 1854 32 Female Galicia 12
Peter Mucha abt 1879 7 Male Galicia 13
Catharina Mucha abt 1883 3 Female Galicia 14
Sofia Mucha* abt 1886 6/12 Female Galicia 15
Michael Mucha* Nov 1885 7/12 Male Galicia 479
Microfilm Serial: Microfilm Roll: List Number: Line(s):
M237 494 479 11,12,13,14, 15, 479

* Sophia's age in later census records, etc., is consistent with her being an infant on arrival. It is believed that Michael's age was mis-recorded. Family records give his DOB as 6 August 1880, indicating that he would have been 7 years of age on arrival, not 7 months. Michaels age has not been confirmed in census records; he was not found in the Lawrence Mucha household in the 1900 census, indicating he was old enough to have moved out. Also, Michaels entry in the ships record is at the very end of the passenger list, indicating that he had been separated from the family. This seems unlikely if he had truely been an infant.<BR> '''Source: ''' New York Passenger Lists [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2005. Original data: New York. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897. Micropublication M237. Rolls # 95-580. National Archives, Washington, D.C.<BR> Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957. Micropublication T715. Rolls # 5592-6267. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

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