Lennart Graneryd


Born Hans Simon Lennart July 3 1907 in Rogberga parish, Jönköping county, Sweden. Last name Karlsson changed into Graneryd 1937.


Emil Karlsson, b. November 11 1877 in Malmbäck parish, Jönköping county, d. October 30 1965 in Vetlanda parish, ditto county.

married December 26 1905 in Rogberga parish, ditto county to

Ellen Maria Karlsson b. Strand September 27 1885 in Rogberga parish, ditto county, d. January 9 1948 in Huskvarna parish, ditto county.

both buried in a family grave at Huskvarna cemetery, ditto county.


Stig Göran Alfred Graneryd, b. Karlsson May 16 1925 in Sofia parish, Jönköping county, d. October (day ?) 1994 in Skärholmen, Stockholm.
Master of Engineering.
Married to Sonja Maria (1930-1977), divorced October 12 1961.

Their children:
Stig Ove Graneryd (1954 -)
Hans Olov Graneryd (1956 -1997)
Bengt Roger Graneryd (1958 -)


February 7 1943 married to Anna-Lisa Graneryd b. Johansson (1904-1995).


With Edith Janulf (1908-2000) - out of wedlock:

Lennart Haglund (1928-).

With Anna-Lisa Graneryd:

Ellen Margareta Graneryd, married Svensson, b. May 5 1946 in Sofia parish, Jönköping county.


September 1 1988 in Vetlanda parish, Jönköping county.

Education and professional lifeEdit

Passed examination at commercial school. Civil servant in a leading position at Husqvarna Vapenfabrik, Jönköping county. Later engaged as auditor.

Lennart & Anna-Lisa

Lennart and Anna-Lisa