Lennart 1978

Lennart, 1978

Lennart Haglund was born 31 October 1928 in Sofia parish, Jönköping County, Sweden (Jönköping County hospital childbirth dept) to Lennart Graneryd (1907-1988) and Edith Janulf (1908-2000) . He married Gunborg Östlund Haglund (1929-) 22 April 1950 in Varberg, Halland, Sweden.


Born out of wedlock October 31 1928 at Jönköping County hospital childbirth dept. , Sofia parish, Jönköping county, Sweden, mother´s home parish Huskvarna in the same county.


Edith Dagmar Maria Haglund, September 15 1938 married Jansson, last name later changed into Janulf.

Hans Simon Lennart Karlsson, last name 1939 changed into Graneryd, b. July 3 1907 in Rogberga parish, Jönköping county, d. September 1 1988 in Vetlanda parish, Vetlanda county, buried there at the old cemetery.


Paternal half-sister

Ellen Margareta Svensson b. Graneryd (1946-)

Maternal half-sister and -brothers

Solveig Maria Janulf (1937-)
Björn Alf-Göran Jamulf (1940-1999)
Bengt Vilhelm Janulf (1944-)


April 22 1950 to Gunborg Julia Östlund, b. July 1 1929 in Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland county.


  1. Ulf Stefan
  2. Björn Mikael
  3. Vanja Eva
  4. Lena Elisabet


7 years elementary school in Huskvarna, Jönköping county, Sweden. Name of the school 'Södra folkskolan' later 'Södergårdsskolan'.
Evening courses arranged by ABF (= Swedish WEA), TBV - mainly language, trade union and society matters.

Professional life

Until 19 years of age various jobs: errand boy, shop assistant, factory worker; from May 1948 - January 1993 manual worker at the bicycle factory 'Monark' in Varberg, Halland county, Sweden.

Military service

At A7 (artillery) in Visby, Gotland county 9 months during 1949-1950, also 3x1 month of refresher courses at A7 and A6 Jönköping.


Playing the guitar with Rune Sköldberg´s Quartet in Varberg 1953

Playing the guitar with Rune Sköldberg´s Quartet in Varberg 1953

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