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Descendants of Leutfrid I of Alamannia To the 10th generation.

Leutfrid I of Alamannia 550-587 & ?? ?? ca 545-587

1. Unzelinus of Alamannia (568-607)

1.1. Gunzo of Alamannia (bef583-615)

1.1.1. Chrodebert of Alamannia (bef598-639) Leutfrid II of Alamannia (bef620-bet673and695) Gotfrid (651-709) Willehari of ALAMANNIA ca 655 & ?? ?? Lantfrid I of ALAMANNIA ca 676-ca 730 & ?? ?? Teutbald of ALAMANNIA /691-ca 744 & ?? ?? Lantfrid II of ALAMANNIA /708-ca 749 & Gerniu van SUEVIE ca 700-ca 743 Gerold I in de VINZGAU 720/736-770/786 Huoching (675-709) Hnabi (c700-c775) Emma of Alamannia (730-789) Hildegard (758-783) Louis the Pious (778-840) Charles the Younger (c772-811) Adelaide (c773-774) Rotrude (775-810) Pepin of Italy (773-810) Lothair (778-c779) Gisela (781-808) Hildegarde (783-783) Alpais de la France (Elfide) der KAROLINGERS 765/770-852 Pepin of Italy (773-810) Rotrude (775-810) Bertha (779-823) Hadrianus d' ORLEANS ca 760-824 &ca 780 Waldrade von Hornbach ca 760-ca 825 Odo I d' ORLEANS ca 780-ca 850 Waldrada d' ORLEANS ca 780-829 Waldrade van Orleans ca 780-829/834

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