Lewis Elijah Scott
Sex: Male
Birth: 19 Jan 1855
Death: 18 Jan 1944
Spouse/Partner: Adora Bird
2nd Spouse: Myrta Marie Ward
2nd Marriage: Sept 1833


Name Birth date Birth place Death date Death place
Children of Lewis Elijah Scott and Myrta Marie Ward
Bertram Homer Scott 21 Sep 1887 Fairview, MI 27 Sep 1977 Chico, CA
Helen Adora Scott 23 Jul 1889 Fairview, Oscoda, MI 31 Aug 1976 Sacramento, CA
George Marion Scott 1 May 1892 Fairview, Oscoda, MI 17 Feb 1949 Chico, Butte, CA
Mildred Pearl Scott 10 Dec 1893 Fairview, Oscoda, MI 31 Oct 1969 Chico, Butte, CA
Lewis Harold Scott 8 Sep 1896 Fairview, Oscoda, MI 30 Dec 1941 Gridley, Butte, CA
Gertrude Valeria Scott 9 Oct 1898 Lewiston, MI 27 Oct 1967 Chico, Butte, CA
Joseph Arnold Scott 12 Feb 1904 Johannesburg, Michigan 14 Nov 1991


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