Lilian Madge Birks (21 November 1896 - 1991) known as Lily

Early LifeEdit

Lilian Madge Birks was born on 21 November 1896 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Her parents were Alboin Birks (1862-1941), a modeller and pate-sur-pate artist of some reknown and his wife Elizabeth Jane Peake (born 1865). Her paternal grandparents were Henry Birks (born 1836), the manager of Pratt's Pottery and Elizabeth Mary (1835-1891). Her paternal grandparents were Edwin Peake (1835-1910), a master plumber (employing seventeen in 1881) and Martha (1832-1912).

Marriage and Later LifeEdit

In 1932 in Wandsworth Lilian Madge Birks married Tom Brown Tivey (1892-1966), a crime fiction novelist. The couple moved to Shropshire and the marriage produced no children. After Tom's death Lilian lived as a widow for twenty-five years until she passed away in 1991 aged ninety-four.