Lillian Maud Jenner was born 17 June 1903 to Frederick Thomas Jenner (1877-1954) and Lillian Maud England (1879-1958) and died 6 August 1939 of unspecified causes. She married Clifford Taylor . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.
Lillian Jenner (1903-1939) and husband Clifford Taylor (sister of Florence Eveline Jenner)

Lillian Jenner (1903-1939) and husband Clifford Taylor

Lillian, the second child of Frederick and Lillian Jenner was born on the 17 June 1903; and married Cliff Taylor.

She died on 6th August 1939 died.

Known addresses, where she lived are:

  • Abertillary & Crumlin in Wales
  • 39 Ashley Road, Bristol
  • Thicket Avenue, Bristol
  • Ridgeway Road, Bristol
  • The Haven, Middle Road, Staple Hill, Bristol
  • 10 West Park Road, Downend, Bristol, and
  • 50 Seymour Road, Staple Hill, Bristol

Footnotes (including sources)

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