Lillias Waugh Cringan (1890-1967)
CRINGAN, Lillias Waugh (1891-1967)

Lillias Waugh Cringan MacIntyre (1890-1967)

Sex: Female
Birth: 1890
Death: 1967
Father: Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931)
Mother: Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929)
Spouse/Partner: William Cameron MacIntyre (1875-1945)


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Lillias was the fifth of eleven children of Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931) and Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929). She was born in Toronto on Dec. 20, 1890.

"Midst all these growing pains Rolph decided in 1923 to go briefly on leave, and the person who counts technically as Canada’s first female radiologist appeared on the scene: Lillias Waugh Cringan.87 Born in 1890 the daughter of Alexander Cringan and Lillias Waugh, Cringan became MB at the University of Toronto in 1916, then moved immediately to Calgary where she served as house surgeon at the Calgary General Hospital. By 1918 she had left surgery and was functioning as pathologist and radiologist in Calgary. She returned to Toronto briefly to fill in for Rolph at HSC, at half his salary (yet with room and board in the hospital), then in 1924 moved to Ogdensburg, New York, to marry the Rev. William C. MacIntyre. Therewith Lillias Cringan vanishes from the Canadian scene. (She later became a psychiatrist, then chanced to die of a heart attack in 1967 while visiting Montreal.) Elizabeth Stewart of Women’s College Hospital would go down in history as the country’s first female radiologist, yet Stewart began radiology at Women’s College Hospital only in 1919, Cringan beating her by a year as the first woman to do radiology in Canada." [1]

In retirement, she taught at Piney Woods School[2].