Lincoln A. McPheeters (1863-1942) Photographer (b. September 15, 1863, Northwest, Orange County, Indiana, USA - d. December 14, 1942, Okala, Marion County, Florida, USA)


He was the son of John McPheeters and Martha Clements.


He was born on September 15, 1863 in Northwest, Orange County, Indiana.


He married Mary Eva Rhodes (1871-1956). He was listed as "Luckhohn McFeathers" on his marriage certificate.


Harry Halstead McPheeters (1892-1960) who married Ethel Louise Brush (1898-1991) on July 23, 1922 in New York City, New York.

Memories about Lincoln McPheetersEdit

  • Harold Lawrence McPheeters (1942- ) said in 1999: "He was a photographer and he was in business with my dad for a short period. He was the official photographer for the French Lake Springs Hotel. I have his business card that says McPheeters & Son. He may have taken the photographs of Teddy Lattin's wedding. These pictures are still available."


He died on December 14, 1942 in Okala, Marion County, Florida.