Lindauer House postcard

Lindauer house on postcard from Rheinbischofsheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The earliest recorded Lindauer in Germany is Hans Lindauer (c1573-1634) of Eberhardsweiler (Wuerttemberg). That is not to say, however, that Hans is the progenator of the Lindauer family. The surname likely originated in Lindau, in Bavarian Germany, near the border with Switzerland.

Earliest Lindauer Families in GermanyEdit

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Early land migrations from Germany to nearby countriesEdit

Lindauers in SwitzerlandEdit

The earliest known Lindauer in Switzerland was Todocus Lindauer (c1603-?) of Einsiedeln, who married Anna Maria Wiser.[1]. His descendants are well documented, thanks to the work of researcher Caroline Atterton. The name Todocus is likely to be an abbreviated form of Theodoricus. The earliest recorded generations (1600s) of the Lindauer family in Germany also had a Theodoricus, which probably indicates that the Swiss Lindauers were an off-shoot of the larger Lindauer family of Germany.

Lindauers in FranceEdit

The earliest known Lindauers in France were Johannes Jacobus Lindauer and Johannes Adamus Lindauer, likely brothers. They settled in Alsace prior to 1730.

Lindauers in Austria and the Czech RepublicEdit

The earliest known Lindauer in Austria was Christoph Lindauer (bef1692-?), who married Katharina Kreuzhuber in 1707. There are not many Lindauer families recorded in Austrian records, so Christoph was probably one of the earliest generations of Lindauers to migrate from Germany to Austria. There were also Lindauers in Pilsn, Czech Republic prior to 1715.


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