This article pertains to the Lindauer family of Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Proven RelationsEdit

The following is a list of all known Lindauer families of Strasbourg. Gaps between the families indicate that they have not yet been linked, although this appears to be a single family.

Address in 1836: 34 Faubourg de Saverne

Jean Frederic may be the same person as Johann Friedrich Lindauer (bef1777-?), above.

Jacques II & Elizabeth resided at 20 Sainte Elisabeth in 1836. Jacques was a business owner.

Sophie's address in 1836: 24 Des Hallebardes (living as servant in Reuss household) 

Charles resided at 36 Rue des Hallebardes in 1836. He was an engraver.

Both sisters living at 19 Quai des Bateliers in 1836

Living at 151 Quai des Chevaux in 1836


The following interpretation of the data is proposed by Kevin Borland, but the additional connections (beyond the above separated trees) have not yet been proven:

Please do not take the above consolidated tree as fact, as a number of assumptions are made strictly based on ages and names. Further documentary research is required at this stage. This is merely one researcher's best educated guess at how the seemingly related families in the previous section connect to one-another.

Lindauers in present-day StrasbourgEdit

  • There is presently a commercial insurance business called "Cabinet Lindauer et d'Andlau" located at 6, Allée Robertsau in Strasbourg. The business' telephone number is: +33 3 88 60 78 57

Beyond StrasbourgEdit

Researcher Kevin Borland speculates that Johann Martin Lindauer (c1720-?) may have been the son of Johannes Jacobus Lindauer (c1702-aft1722) of Hegenheim, Alsace, France, who married Maria Zumstein.

Beyond FranceEdit

The Lindauers are believed to have originated in Lindau, Germany, on Germany's southern border with Switzerland. The French homeland of the Lindauer family (i.e. Alsace-Lorraine) borders Germany and Switzerland, and as such, the first generation of Alsace Lindauers (i.e., Johannes Martin's suspected father Johannes Jacobus) probably migrated to Alsace from a neighboring portion of Germany or Switzerland. Research on the Lindauer families of these areas may reveal the parents of Johannes Jacob.

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