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NameIcondescriptionTemplateCategories Included
100 year oldsInfinityAnimation8use for people who are 100 years old or older
icon is symbol of infinity
{{100}}Category: Burials of centenarians
Unnatural Death
120px-Anarchist flag with A symbol.svgfor accidental/unnatural deaths {{accident}}Category:Unnatural Death
"Alive"Progress-wheeluse when date of death is
intentionally left blank on stone
even when it is clear that the person has died
this is a perpetual motion icon
{{alive}}(no category assigned)
Baby/InfantCrib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogersfor infant/baby/child graves
the indication of "infant" should be
listed on grave unless age is under year old
{{baby}}(no category assigned)
BibleNegcross80px-Kreuz protuse when grave has Biblical Quote {{Bible}}(no category assigned)
Cautionary Notesuse for cautionary notes
like "cemetery surrounded by poison ivy"
{{caution}}(no category assigned)
DavidDaviduse when grave has a sculpture associated with it{{david}}(no category assigned)
education120px-Education - Grad Hat.svgfor when burial is education related {{edu burial}}Category:Education burials
not for use in cemetery articles
{{female}}(no category assigned)
hand-carved108ahandpx-Purple hand.svgfor when stone is hand-carved{{hand}}Category:Hand-Carved
be Found
Question120px-Circle-question-blue.svguse when cemetery cannot be found{{lost}}Category:Lost Cemeteries
not for use in cemetery articles
{{male}}(no category assigned)
manManuse when there is only a
"Father" inscription for a grave
{{man}}(no category assigned)
MarriedDualringsuse when stone indicates persons are married{{married}}(no category assigned)
Masonic Emblem114px-Square compassesuse when stone has Masonic Emblem{{mason}}(no category assigned)
medicalICRC - emblemsuse for medical personnel listed on stone
symbols correspond to International Red Cross/Crescent/Crystal
{{medical}}(no category assigned)
NativeArrowhead2Native Person Burial
(Aboriginal/Indian/Original American)
{{native}}Category:Native Person Burial
No Motor VehiclesNocar86px-Norsk veiskilt 504 02use when cemetery cannot be reached by car{{nocar}}(no category assigned)
PetPaw120pxPet Cemetery/Grave{{pet}}Category:Pets
PolicePolice300px-TwoTARDISmodelsNCIS BadgePolice/Law Enforcement Officers{{Police burial}}Category:Police burials
Poor FarmAll-currency-symbolCemeteries previously known as "poor farms"
icon is the universal currency symbol
religionReligious Symbols-anireligious symbols{{religion}}(no category assigned)
Religious Title
Rev-ChristendomsymboolReverend/use when Rev. is on stone{{rev}}(no category assigned)
Roadside Memorials120px-Road sign merging.svgRoadside Memorials{{road}}Category:Roadside Memorials
Slave burialSlave107px-BLAKE10Slave Cemetery/Grave{{slave}}Category:Slave burials
Vase100px-Greek vase Dionysos attica 520 bCuse when grave has a vase associated with it{{vase}}(no category assigned)
womanWomanuse when there is only a
"Mother" inscription for a grave
{{woman}}(no category assigned)
Zen120px-Yin yang.svgfor graves having a numerical curiosity {{Zen}}Category:Zen



{{construction}} produces the following with a Category:Construction


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