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Government/Military OfficialsEdit

CountryAir ForceArmyCivilianMarinesNavy
Australia 120px-Animated-Flag-Australia
Australian Air Force
Adf250px-Autriservice {{ADF}}
Australian Army
Governor General of Australia.svg {{}}
Category:Government of Australia
Au-navy {{AU navy}}
Australian Navy
Belgium 120px-Animated-Flag-Belgium {{Template:Belgium}} Category:Belgium Government/Military Official
Canada 120px-Animated-Flag-Canada
Canadian Air Force
120px-Flag of the Governor-General of Canada.svg {{}} Category:Canada Government/Military Official
France 120px-Animated-Flag-France {{Template:France}} Category:France
Germany 120px-Animated-Flag-Germany {{Template:Germany}} Category:German Government/Military Official
Ireland 120px-Animated-Flag-Ireland {{Template:Ireland}} Category:Ireland
Japan 120px-Animated-Flag-Japan {{Template:Japan}} Category:Japan
Mexico 120px-Animated-Flag-Mexico {{Template:Mexico}} Category:Mexico
New Zealand 120px-Animated-Flag-New-Zealand
{{Template:NZ govt burial}}
NZAF {{Template:NZAF}}
New Zealand Air Force
120px-Animated-Flag-New-Zealand {{Template:NZ govt burial}}
Category:New Zealand Government/Military Official
Nz-navy {{NZ navy}}
New Zealand Navy
Scotland Animated-Flag-Scotland-1 {{Template:Scotland}} Category:Scotland
Spain 120px-Animated-Flag-Spain {{Template:Spain}} Category:Spain
Turkey Turkey120px-Bayrak 01 {{Template:Turkey}} Category:Turkey
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
120px-Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg {{RAF}}
United Kingdom Air Force
Uk120px-Flag of the Secretary of State for Defence.svg{{UK military}}
United Kingdom Military {{}}
United Kingdom Government
Uk120px-Flag of the Secretary of State for Defence.svg {{UK military}}
United Kingdom Military
Uk-navy {{UK Navy}}
United Kingdom Navy
United States Flag of the United States.svg United States
Flag of the United States Air Force {{USAF}}
United States Air Force
Cropped94px-Army {{USArmy}}
United States Army
120px-Standard Of The President Of The Unites States Of America.svg {{}}
United States Government
United-states-flag 1943 50254814 {{USMC}}
United States Marine Corps
79px-E7 USN CPO PIN {{USNavy}}
United States Navy

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