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NameIcondescriptionTemplateCategories Included
American Civil WarAcw-genAmerican Civil War{{ACW burial}}Category:American Civil War burials
American Revolutionary WarRev-warRev-war120px-Grand Union Flag.svgAmerican Revolutionary War{{ARW burial}}Category:American Revolutionary War burials
Afghanistan War120px-Flag of Afghanistan (2002-2004).svg Afghanistan War Veteran{{Afghan war burial}}(ambiguous)
Confederate States of AmericaCSASouthern States in
American Civil War
{{Confederate States of America burial}}Category:Confederate States of America burials
French and Indian Warsee Seven Years War below
Grand Army of the Republic/Union ArmyGAR180px-XXIcorpsbadge1Northern States in American Civil War{{Union Army burial}}Category:Union Army burials
Iraq War120px-Flag of Iraq, 1991-2004.svgfor service during Iraq War{{Iraq war burial}}

Category:Burials of veterans of the Iraq War

Korean War125px-Flag of North Korea.svgfor service during Korean War{{Korean War burial}}Category:Burials of veterans of the Korean War
militaryMil120pxuse when country of military
service is not clearly known
{{military}}Category:Military burials
Purple HeartPH64px-Purple heartPurple Heart
(US award for bravery)
{{Purple Heart}}(no category assigned)
Seven Years War360px-Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy.svgSeven Years War Veteran {{7yw}}Category:Burials of veterans of the Seven Years War
Spanish-American War120px-War Ensign Spain 1785-1931Spanish-American War Veteran{{SAW}}Category:Burials of veterans of the Spanish-American War
UK militaryUk120px-Flag of the Secretary of State for Defence.svgUK military official
specific branch not known
{{UK military}} Category:United Kingdom Military
US militaryUSAdodpentUS military official
specific branch not known
{{US military}} Category:United States Military
USCG120px-USCG-commandants-flagService in the US Coast Guard{{USCG}}(no category assigned)
Vietnam WarCropped and shrunk120px-Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal ribbonfor Vietnam service{{Vietnam War burial}}Category:Burials of veterans of the Vietnam War
War of 18121812-800px-Bandera Eastern ShawneeWar of 1812 Veteran{{1812}}Category:Burials of veterans of the War of 1812
World War I120px-Germany-Jack-1867.svgfor WWI military service{{WWI burial}}Category:Burials of veterans of World War I
World War IIWWIIVMcroppedandshrunkfor WWII military service{{WWII burial}}Category:Burials of veterans of World War II

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