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This is a list of flags used in New Zealand.

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National flagEdit

Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand 1834–1840 Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand Based on the White Ensign. Two crosses of St George and four eight-point stars in the canton on a blue background[1]. (See also variant design under "Maori flags" below)
Flag of the United Kingdom 1840–1902 British Union Jack Adopted following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
Flag of New Zealand Government Ships 1867 1867–1869 The first flag of New Zealand based on the blue ensign Blue ensign with the red letters "NZ" outlined in white
Flag of New Zealand 1902 (Official, in use from 1869) – Flag of New Zealand A defaced blue ensign with four red stars with white borders to the right, representing the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross.

Royal and ViceregalEdit

Royal Standard of New Zealand 1962 – present Personal Flag of Queen Elizabeth II in New Zealand A banner of the Coat of Arms of New Zealand, defaced with a blue disc bearing the crowned letter 'E' in gold
NZ-Governor-1869 1869–1874 Governor of New Zealand A Union Flag defaced with four five-pointed stars. This design was due to a misinterpretation of design instructions.
1874–1936 Flag of the Governor of New Zealand
1936–1953 Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand A lion standing atop a crown, over a scroll inscribed "Dominion of New Zealand"
Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand (1953–2008) 1953–2008 Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand
Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand 2008 – present Flag of the Governor-General of New Zealand The shield of the New Zealand Coat of Arms surmounted by the Royal Crown.
Flag of the Queen's Representative ? Flag of the Queen's Representative in the Cook Islands Flag of the Cook Islands with a crown in the centre of the ring of stars


Civil Ensign of New Zealand 1901 – New Zealand Red Ensign A red ensign with four white stars representing Crux, the Southern Cross
Naval Ensign of New Zealand 1968 – Ensign of the Royal New Zealand Navy A white ensign with four red stars
Air Force Ensign of New Zealand Ensign of the Royal New Zealand Air Force A light blue ensign with the roundel of the Royal Air Force defaced with the letters, "NZ".
Civil Air Ensign of New Zealand 1983 – New Zealand Civil Air Ensign A blue cross with a wide border on a light blue field. The Union Flag is in the canton, with the Southern Cross in the fly.
Flag of New Zealand Police New Zealand Police Ensign A blue flag with the New Zealand Flag in the canton, with the NZP seal in the fly.
New Zealand Fire Service Ensign A blue flag with the New Zealand Flag in the canton, with the Fire Service seal in the fly.
1966–1996 New Zealand Customs Flag A New Zealand Blue Ensign, with the letters "HMC" (for "Her Majesty's Customs" in the lower hoist. This flag was superseded by a new Customs flag in 1996.
Nz-mot 1968–1998 New Zealand Ministry of Transport Ensign A sky blue flag with the New Zealand White Ensign in the canton, with the NZMOT seal within a white disc in the fly.

Associated statesEdit

Flag of the Cook Islands 1979 – Flag of the Cook Islands A blue ensign with 15 stars in a ring
Flag of Niue 1975 – Flag of Niue A yellow ensign, the Union Flag has a star in the middle and four stars forming a diamond around it

Maori flagsEdit

UnitedTribesUnofficial Original design of the United Tribes of New Zealand flag, widely used by Maori groups Similar to the amended design used as the de facto national flag 1835–1840, but with eight-pointed stars and black fimbriation in the canton
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag 1990 – Flag of Tino rangatiratanga – Official National Maori Flag, approved by the NZ Cabinet in 2010 A white curling stripe on a red and black field
NZ-Takitimu-Flag Example of a Maori Flag Some Maori tribes use the Red Ensign defaced with their tribal name

Sporting flagsEdit

Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games 1908–1912 Flag of the Australasian team at the 1908 and 1912 Olympiads A Blue Ensign defaced by a white circle containing the British Crown plus a shield containing the Southern Cross
125px 1994 – Flag of the New Zealand Olympic Committee A white flag with a depiction of the silver fern superimposed on the five ringed emblem of the International Olympic Committee
Silver fern flag 1987 (?) Flag of the All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby team. A black flag with a white silver fern.

Other New Zealand flagsEdit

Flag of the Chatham Islands (unofficial) 1993 – Unofficial flag of the Chatham Islands A blue flag with a depiction of the island superimposed on a rising sun.
Nelson flag 1987 – Flag of the City of Nelson Blue top third with bishop's mitre. Blue and white waves beneath with black cross flory.
Flag of the New Zealand Navy Board Flag of the New Zealand Navy Board[2] A fouled anchor with a red-blue background
125px 1987 – New Zealand Post flag An orange-red flag with the NZ Post logo in white. Vertical White and Blue strip in the fly.
Flag of Otago 2004 – Flag of Otago Blue and gold, horizontally divided by a zigzag line ("dancetty", in vexillological terms), with counterchanged eight-pointed stars. Used by the Otago Regional Council, and widely by the general public in the Otago region
Zealandia Proposal 1 2007 – The New Munster Cross (also known as the Zealandia Ensign), Unofficial flag of the South Island A Nordic Cross with white background representing the Southern Alps, with a green cross representing the lush bush and farmland of the South Island and blue representing the ocean. Adopted and promoted by political groups advocating greater self-determination for the South Island.
Flag of Tokelau 2008 – Flag of Tokelau A blue flag with a stylized Polynesian canoe (vaka) in gold and a representation of the Southern Cross in the fly

Proposed alternative flagsEdit

Koru flag 1983 Koru Flag (by Hundertwasser) A White flag with a green spiral (Koru).
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag 1990 – Flag of Tino rangatiratanga – Official Maori Flag A white curling stripe on a red and black field
NZflag proposal-dignan 1998 James Dignan's flag Combines the red-white-blue and stars of the current flag (though with a brighter blue), as well as the bold diagonals of the Union Flag with the black-white-red of the flag of Tino rangatiratanga, and adds the silver fern. Promoted widely after a New Zealand Herald article in 2002[3].
Aaron Nicholson's New Zealand Flag
2000 Aaron Nicholson’s flag a modification of the current flag with The initials NZ to stylise the Union Jack and a Long White Cloud (2009) has made it to some a Flag of compromise. This combination retains traditional links with the United Kingdom and also New Zealand's Polynesian heritage. The NZ “Jack” Design is also reminiscent of the old 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games insignia. This design was displayed in newspapers around the country in 2005, and on an earlier TV Debate with the late Angela De Audney.[4].
2004 Cameron Sanders' flag A stylised Silver fern flag, used by the NZ Trust.
Kyle Lockwood's New Zealand Flag 2005 Kyle Lockwood's Flag A red, white and blue flag representing "the people of New Zealand". The blue colour represents the ocean, the red represents the Maori and the blood of soldiers, and white is a reference to the "Land of the Long White Cloud".
Proposed new New Zealand flag with Union Jack 2007 Blue Union Jack flag Most flags proposed eliminate the Union Flag entirely which some members of the public oppose. As a result a few amateur designs have been proposed which acknowledge New Zealand's British heritage such as this one.[5]
John Traft's New Zealand Flag 2008 John Traft's Flag A red, white and blue flag in line with the current flag but without the Union Jack.
Kibblesworthnewzealandflag 2009 Proposed Flag By Adam Kibbey This flag includes both the Union Jack, symbolising British links, as well as the colours of New Zealand; Black and White, with the Red from the Cross of the English flag being extended to show the Maori colour of red. The southern cross is also prominent.


  1. ^ The drawing of the United Tribes Ensign sent by Governor Bourke to King William IV, retrieved 2009-07-15. This design was amended when the flag was officially gazetted, with the eight-pointed stars replaced with five-pointed stars, and the black fimbriation replaced with white.
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