The Sea Wing disaster occurred on July 13, 1890 when a strong squall line overturned the excursion vessel Sea Wing on Lake Pepin near Lake City, Minnesota. Over 200 people were aboard the vessel when it was overturned, and as a result 98 people drowned. An excursion barge that was being towed by the Sea Wing was unharmed. It is one of the worst maritime disasters that has occurred on the upper Mississippi River.[1]

Tornadoes had occurred earlier in the evening farther north in the Twin Cities area,[2] but it is believed that downburst winds from a thunderstorm caused the event.[1]

Ships InformationEdit

Ship name = Sea Wing
Ship completed = 1888
Ship length = 110 ft
Ship beam = 20.8 ft
Ship draught = 4.5 ft
Ship power = 2 steam engines, 10 in diameter, 6 ft stroke
Ship propulsion = Sternwheel paddleboat
Ship notes = Former towboat turned excursion boat

List of deadEdit

Those killed were identified as:

Belmont, North DakotaEdit

Diamond Bluff, WisconsinEdit

Graysville, OhioEdit

Hay Creek, MinnesotaEdit

Hartland, WisconsinEdit

Red Wing, MinnesotaEdit

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