• Abhonasa (surname Byroju)
  • Viswadatta Brahmarushi (Surname Pedapudi), Chandravaram, west godavari
  • Devasena Brahmarushi (Kandukoori)
  • Viswatomuka Brahmarushi
  • Manu Vishwakarma Braharushi (Amalapurapu)sirikondagothram
  • Vamadeva Bramarushi
  • Sumedhaka Brahmarushi
  • Vibraja Brahmarushi( Javvadi )
  • Sanaga Brahmarushi (surname Addugula)
  • Sanathana Brahmarushi
  • Abhuvamsha Brahmarushi
  • Pratanasa Brahmarushi
  • Kardhama Brahmarushu(surname Gannavarapu)
  • Suparnasa Brahmarushi
  • Viswagna Brahmarushi
  • Jaisana Brahmarushi
  • Manibhadra Brahmarushi (Surname Bennabhakthula)
  • Subarnasa Brahmarushi
  • Sankyana Brahmarushi
  • Santwa Brahmarushi


  • Architha Brahmarushi
  • Viswabhadra Brahmarushi
  • SanagaRushi
  • Isunandana Brahmarushi
  • Yagnapala Brahmarush
  • Sangoju gotram
  • KusaDharma Brahmarushi (surname: nzarojugothramNara)
  • Vidyantha Bramharshi (Murumulla)

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